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Flower type: RosesYou would like to order flowers and give them away to your loved ones? You can order great flower gifts via our flower delivery service, which offers you an easy way to send a bouquet of flowers within just a few clicks.

With a huge variety of flowers, the question arises, which type of flower to choose? Which types of flowers send the right message? Which type of flower is best suited as a classic gift for colleagues? Which bouquet is the best gift if you haven't known each other for so long? And which message do which birthday flowers send? Is it still too early in your relationship for red roses?

Flower type: GerberaIf you are unsure, you can order a cheerful gerbera bouquet at the beginning of the friendship. With this you are on the safe side among the flower gifts. Anyone who gives colorful gerbera away, conjures a smile on the face of their loved ones. In the language of flowers, a gerbera bouquet symbolizes honesty, appreciation and friendship. If you want to send joy and happiness in general, it is best to order colorful flowers.

Blumenshop's flower delivery service offers you a wide range of products to let someone know that you are thinking of them. How about snapdragons, for example, which are said to be inhabited by fairies because of their beauty. Or do you want to highlight the extraordinary in life, then have an elegant bouquet of lilies delivered to you!

If you still don't know which type of flower is best to buy, you can be surprised with an individual bouquet from our florists. Regardless of the reason you want to order fresh flowers, each type of flower will send out a message that should match the celebration. When you have decided on the bouquet of your choice, you can be sure that ordering flower delivery online means that you will receive the best flowers at the best price.

Our online flower delivery shop can safely send your flower order anywhere in Germany. Flowers and gifts are delivered in a specially developed freshness box, perfect for all kinds of flowers.

Our flower assortment offers many types of flowers

On this page you will find an overview of all flowers - the entire range of Blumenshop.de - your online flower delivery with a 7-day freshness guarantee.

The selection, carefully compiled by florists, includes roses, gerberas, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, sunflowers, snapdragons, inca lilies and carnations.

You already know exactly which flower you want to send? With the help of our filter functions you can order your flowers directly. These are located in the top left corner and enable you to buy the flower highlight that you are looking for as quickly as possible based on the type of flower, price, color or occasion. For example, if you want to order roses, you can click on the category roses. Then you will only see the bouquets that contain roses.

Flower types – freshly delivered

  • Deliver fresh flowers
    Our shipping boxes are specially developed to be able to send flowers fresh and without damage.
  • Send flowers quickly
    The florists at Blumenshop.de send flowers in <24 hours.

Regardless of whether you order well in advance or the day before, your flowers will be hand-tied and securely packaged on the day of dispatch. From there, our florists hand over the orders to the dispatch department every day at 3:10 pm. Delivery throughout Germany is via DHL. Whether Hamburg, Berlin, Munich or Düsseldorf, the flowers are sent within a few hours. Order flowers online by 3 p.m. and we will send your delivery to your door tomorrow if you wish!

More types of flowers in the bouquet equals more fun

Why? Very easily:
Flowers have a positive effect on us. Not only does science * tell us this, but also your own feelings. Because: those who surround themselves with flowers feel happier. So it makes perfect sense to want more of it, doesn't it? More flowers equals more fun. More roses, gerberas, tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, snapdragons, inca lilies, carnations and hyacinths. More bouquets, vases and small gifts. More types of flowers mean more fun! Surely you see it that way too, right?
* Researchers from the University of New Jersey found that gifts of flowers not only make you smile, but also lift your spirits for several days. The buyer is happy to send flowers and make others happy, and the recipients are happy to have received a flower delivery. Being in the presence of flowers lifts contentment, a good mood and even has a positive effect on your memory. WE NEED MORE FLOWERS - what kind of flowers do you like the most?

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