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Wish get well with flowers

Who does not know it, a person from your heart is not well and you want to make him or her a joy. Our tip: Send a bouquet of flowers as a get-well greeting. Because with our flower dispatch it is playfully simple with flowers good recovery to say!

You don't want to catch the disease or unfortunately you can't visit the sick person personally? Then simply send flowers from the road or at home and let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them in times of illness.

Many patients are happy to have a change in their daily routine and particularly enjoy this kind greeting. Due to a short supply chain, you will receive the best flowers at the best price from us, because we purchase our flowers directly from the grower.

Depending on the season, we can offer you brand new flower varieties. Peonies, sunflowers, colorful gerberas and colorful roses are very popular. Of course, in addition to classically tied bouquets, we also keep lightly tied field flower bouquets in our assortment.

Give joy with our fresh cut flowers and a nice gift like chocolates or chocolate.

Flowers as a convalescence greeting

Imagine you are a patient in a hospital or convalescent home: how great would be the joy when a large package is delivered for you? Ordering flowers to the hospital and having flowers delivered to the hospital is no problem for us, because we will support you in your endeavor. The recipient will make eyes when he gets a package delivered with a fresh colorful bouquet of flowers. A great gift, what do you think?

Get well soon - Our gift idea

What does it take to surprise your favorite person? Well, we have an idea. Our tips are:

  1. A beautiful bouquet of flowers
  2. A suitable flower vase
  3. A box of chocolates or chocolate
  4. A few personal words for a quick recovery. Here you can use our free greeting card or a video message to find the right words.

You can find all this with just a few mouse clicks at We are your contact when it comes to ordering flowers, plants and gifts online.

Send flowers to hospital

Send flowers and have them delivered - with this is made very easy. The hand-tied bouquets are sent in a secure shipping package. We keep the flowers moist with a fresh pack and also include our care tips in the package.

After your bouquet has been tied by our florists, it is already on its way. You can send our bouquet anywhere in Germany. DHL delivers to Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt or Munich and far beyond. The flowers will be sent in less than 24 hours.

As soon as your package is on its way, you will receive a shipping confirmation from DHL in which you can track the package. Exciting, isn't it?

Want to send fresh flowers to a hospital or spa as a consolation gift? Then simply enter the delivery address of the institute. With the name of the ward or the room number of the patient, the package will find its way to its recipient even faster. Please note: Register your flower greeting beforehand, before misunderstandings can occur.

A fresh bouquet of flowers in bright colors is best for wishing recovery. Send a flower greeting to the bedside of your loved one now.

What flowers can you use to wish get well?

You want to send flowers as a get well greeting but are unsure which bouquet is best? Then we have a few recommendations for you:

  • Choose delicately scented flowers such as gerberas, roses, tulips or ranunculus, since the sick person, especially in the hospital, is only in one room.
  • Bright colors that express optimism are also best, such as: yellow, red or orange
  • In general, flowers are a sign of joy of life, so there are no specific guidelines

Send flowers for recovery with gift and message

Once you've decided on a bouquet of flowers, you can leave a lovely message for the recipient. Simply use our free greeting card for this purpose. Each greeting card is enclosed in an extra envelope and increases the surprise effect enormously.

A greeting card is too impersonal for you? Then use our free video message to personalize your order.

If you like, you can add a small gift to your order, such as chocolate, a cuddly toy or a gift mug.

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