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Love the queen of flowers, but want them in a plain hue rather than a rich red? Then try white roses. The us you will find a wide selection of white rose bouquets, which include, among others, the white premium rose Avalanche. Its features are long stems and XXL flower heads. We are sure - this rose will cause a sensation among gift recipients.

Occasions to give white roses

There are several occasions for which you can give roses in white, as the white rose is quite versatile.

Firstly, the white rose stands as a new beginning because of its innocence and purity. This makes it very good as a gift to the parents of a newborn, as the rose can also reflect eternal love for the child.

White roses are also common in a bridal bouquet, as they usually match the dress and design of a wedding. But the meaning of the white rose can also convince here. Since here you publicly confess your eternal love and contest a new stage in his life.

However, white roses can also be in the sign of a farewell, so white roses can also be given away for mourning. Thus, white roses can be given as a farewell gift to pay a last tribute to the deceased and to pay loyalty to you.

White roses as a symbol

Roses in general are a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and lust. Therefore, they are often given as a gift in the sign of love and affection, to please the person of his heart. According to the legend of Aphrodite, it is also rumored that the original roses were actually white. Due to an incident between Aphrodite and a rose bush, the latter was injured, so that the roses were henceforth colored red by her blood.

Roses in white, however, can also be a sign of tolerance and humanity. It is precisely for this reason that Hans and Sophie Scholl dedicated their resistance organizations to this name in 1943.

White roses and their meaning

Should you wonder what do white roses mean, here comes the answer. White roses stand for innocence, purity and renunciation. But they also stand for eternal fidelity, which is why you can perfectly give them to your partner to express your feelings and primarily your love.

Top 3 white rose bouquets

Of course, we also offer you a wide range of white rose bouquets. For this reason, we would like to present you our three favorite bouquets that contain white roses.

  1. White premium roses (60 cm) selectable
    Do you need a bouquet that makes a statement and exudes beauty and elegance? Then try our premium roses of the Avalanche variety. They are especially eye-catching because of their large blooms. And the best part? With this product, you decide how many roses you want. From 20 to 100 roses, you can decide in increments of ten how many roses you need.
  2. White premium roses with baby's breath
    If you need a noble bouquet, we have a gift tip for you - our bouquet with white premium roses and baby's breath. Especially for silver or gold weddings this bouquet is the perfect gift. Also, the meaning of white roses, eternal love, emphasizes this occasion all the more.
  3. Bouquet of flowersLiebesgruß including glass vase
    A trendy little surprise, this is our bouquet love greeting. Consisting of three beautiful white roses, pink baby's breath and trendy eucalyptus, this bouquet makes a super gift to friends and family. The best part? We deliver a matching vase with this bouquet!
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