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Say thank you with flowers

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Flowers as a sign of gratitude

Flowers have always been a popular gift among friends, family or to your partner all over the world. You can give the magnificent beauties on many occasions, such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or a wedding anniversary. However, you do not always need an occasion to express your feelings through the flower.

Therefore, why not just surprise his friends or family with a little something like a bouquet of flowers? Thank them for time spent together or for always being there for you. Our tip: Say thank you with flowers!

Say thank you with flowers and spread joy

Your friends are the best and you want to say thank you? Then we are happy to be at your side!

Our changing assortment includes fresh flowers, indoor plants and gift items such as chocolate, cuddly toys or gift cups. These will bring joy not only to you, but also to dear friends and relatives. So why not say thank you once again? 

To complete your order, you will find in our gift category matching vases in different sizes to place your thank you flowers directly right. 

All flower deliveries will be freshly tied on your chosen day and shipped in our sturdy transport box.

Our tip: Use our free greeting card and leave a nice message for the recipient. One card is not enough for you? Then personalize your flower greeting with a free video message. Buying and giving flowers online has never been easier.

Make eyes sparkle

Flowers speak the language of love and say more than 1,000 words. Choose a delivery date early today to commemorate an upcoming wedding anniversary or your loved one's birthday. Colorful, fresh and uncomplicated - that's

Send the right flowers for any occasion: whether roses for your sweetheart, sunflowers to cheer you up or Christmas bouquets during Advent. You can enhance any order with chocolate, beautiful cards, cute cuddly toys or a matching vase.

Also, houseplants like the popular orchid or the exotic pineapple plant make great gifts for moving in or starting your own business. Our team will show you the latest flower trends and support you when you want to say thank you to a loved one again.

Bouquet as a thank you

Who does not know it, someone has done you a favor and you now want to thank. But what is the appropriate gift here? How about a colorful bouquet of flowers as a thank you?

In addition to colorful flowers, certain types of flowers with special meanings can also be given as a gift. For example, gerberas are wonderful to send as thank you flowers, as this variety stands for joy and friendship. They will thus emphasize the message of your flower gift.

Chrysanthemums are also a good gift to say thank you. After all, these stand for happiness and who doesn't wish a nice person a little happiness? In addition, this type of flower comes in a wide variety of colors and types.

Did you know that even one flower is a symbol of gratitude? We are talking about hydrangea, which with many small flowers makes the hearts of the recipients beat faster. From summer to late autumn you will find in our assortment colorful bouquets in which the hydrangea plays the leading role.

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