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Whereas you can find all kinds of floral arrangements on our main page "Send flowers online", here you can specifically see all Peruvian Lilly bouquets at a glance. Peruvian lilies (lat. Astroemeria) will delight you with their elegant and at the same time exotic appearance, which will brighten up any flower bouquet and make it look even more colorful. The flowers are a splendor. They have unique black speckled patterns in vibrant colors that will stay with you for a long time and bring you joy.

In addition to their extravagant blooms, the cut flowers from South America enchant, among other things, with their meaning in the language of flowers. Thus, in general, Peruvian Lillies are symbolic of friendship, affection and cohesion. They are a wonderful choice for flower bouquets for Mother's Day, birthdays, wedding, or just because.

How to take care for your Peruvian Lilies?

Peruvian lilies are grateful flowers in the vase. Therefore, taking care of them is simple. After receiving the flower bouquet, it should be freshly cut at the ends of the stems and put in a clean vase with water. It is recommended to put the eye-catcher in a semi-shaded place. When the direct sun is avoided, you will have longer joy with our Peruvian Lilies. To safely guarantee freshness, also delivers a flower fertilizer free of charge. The flower food is added to the vase water and will keep the alkalis fresh even longer. If you keep an eye on the water level, you're guaranteed to enjoy the alkalis for seven days and probably longer. Taking care made easy when ordering our Peruvian Lilies. 

Order Peruvian Lilies for any Occasion

Our selection of fresh Alstroemeria, also called Peruvian lilies, or Inca lilies, convince with bright colors, which makes it the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether for a wedding, a birthday, or a get well greeting - everyone will be pleased to receive the colorful Peruvian lilies. Alstroemeria flowers are a popular decorative flower in bouquets from Due to an outstandingly long flowering time in the vase, they are our florist's favorites and a popular gift for every occurrence. But that's not all, we have one more reason to gift our Peruvian Lilies: Although Blumenshop, according to the slogan "the best flowers at the best price, gives a 7-day freshness promise on all bouquets, we could guarantee 14 days of freshness without hesitation for Peruvian Lilies. A gift that lasts long - in our opinion ideal for any recipient and any occasion.

Peruvian lilies originate from the Andean region of South America and have been very popular in Europe for decades. According to their origin, our Alstroemeria bears all colors of orange, white, red, purple, yellow and green. Regardless of the color, recipients can expect beautiful color gradients in each flower, with the respective colors mottled and striped black in the center of the flower. As a result, the flowers of the alkali almost resemble the pattern of a mandala. By the way, each stem has at least three and more flowers. The beautiful color gradient in combination with the lush flowers make everyone's eyes sparkle - whether on their wedding day or as a thank you. When is the next occasion for your Peruvian Lilly gift?

Meaning of the Peruvian Lilies

Like many other flowers, the flower variety Peruvian lilies is said to have symbolism. The colorful cut flower symbolizes devotion and mutual support. Between friends, it is especially popular as a gift. In general, it represents happiness as it conveys joy with a delicate yet eye-catching appearance. Whether you send Peruvian lilies for their beauty or their meaning, the flower is always welcome on any happy occasion, or even just because. Only for funerals, recommends to order white lilies, instead of colorful calendula.

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