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  1. 10 Orange Rosen (50cm)
    10 Orange Roses (50cm)
  2. 20 orange Rosen (40 cm)
    20 Orange Roses (40cm)
  3. 40 orange Rosen (40 cm)
    40 Orange Roses (40cm)
  4. Blumenstrauß Bunter Blumentraum
    Flower Bouquet Bunter Blumentraum
    Starting at €24.95
  5. Sommerstrauß Sonnentanz
    Summer Bouquet Sonnentanz
  6. Blumenstrauß Leuchtfeuer
    Flower Bouquet Leuchtfeuer
  7. Biedermeierstrauß Flammenrausch
    Biedermeier Bouquet Flammenrausch
  8. Flower Bouquet Blumenzauber
    Flower Bouquet Blumenzauber

Orange roses order online

Flowers make happy, that's for sure. With flowers you give joy and conjure a smile on the face of very special people. We help you: Here you will find high-quality roses in special colors like a bright orange. If you want to send roses, we are your uncomplicated partner: Our florists select the most beautiful flowers for you, tie them and ensure a safe shipment. Your rose package will arrive safe and fresh to your loved one.

Meaning of roses in orange

Roses are an emotional and very high-quality gift. Especially in the color orange they are well received by friends and acquaintances and do not seem intrusive. Originating from China, the "queen of flowers" is a very popular gift for a birthday, convalescence or anniversary. By the way, the color plays a very important role with roses. With orange flowers you do nothing wrong and do not put your foot in it.

Send orange roses in a few steps

There is a reason to celebrate and you can not appear in person? Don't worry, with our rose shipping service you'll be well represented if you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl or your intended recipient. It's very simple: choose the perfect bouquet of roses and add it to your shopping cart. You can send a personal message or upload a video message after your order. Choose a delivery date and your roses will set off the day before delivery to arrive on time.

Order roses and give them as a gift

Roses are just the right gift to cheer you up or to say sorry. Do you already know the language of flowers? No kidding! In the past, people used to communicate with selected flowers. So people could say things to each other that were not allowed to be spoken. Even today, flowers in certain colors say more than a thousand words. Try it too. We are sure, our bouquets of roses in the brightest colors will make your eyes sparkle.

How to order roses

1. choose your most beautiful rose bouquet and put it into the shopping cart
2. write a personal greeting or upload a video message after your order
3. enter your billing address and (different) delivery address of the recipient
4. choose your preferred delivery date and payment method

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