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Spring is here and with it the early bloomers are sprouting from the earth. And so is our favorite cut flower - the tulip. With its colorful splendor, it provides a splash of color in the dreary season and gives hope for spring. In addition, it provides a colorful sea of flowers for a good mood.

Furthermore, colorful tulips can be used for a variety of occasions, be it as a birthday gift, a little something for a special anniversary or as a gift for a wedding anniversary. Tulips are also very suitable as a gift for Valentine's Day.

Fresh from Holland, our tulips will make your eyes sparkle as soon as they are handed over.

Send colorful tulips throughout Germany

With our flower delivery service you can easily send colorful tulips all over Germany. You can not visit your loved ones personally? No problem, we are there for you.

Order colorful tulips in just a few steps:

Choose your favorite tulip bouquet and add it to the shopping cart.
Enter a correct delivery address.
Choose a suitable delivery method and specify your preferred delivery date.
Decide on a payment method and place a chargeable order.

And you have already placed your order for a colorful tulip bouquet very easily. Now all you have to do is wait until the bouquet reaches the recipient and he or she can enjoy a colorful flower dream.

Our top 3 colorful tulips bouquets

10 colorful tulips

You want to surprise your loved ones with a little spring? How about a little something like our bouquet of 10 colorful tulips? This bouquet of tulips will make the hearts of your favorite people beat faster.

Colorful tulips bouquet

How about a splash of color as a fresh table decoration? Then try our colorful tulip bouquet. Different colored tulips in yellow, purple, white, orange and red will make spring come to your home. We are sure that this bouquet will bring a breath of fresh air to your home and spice up your decor.

30 Colorful tulips

Surprise your loved ones with a colorful sea of blooms with our 30 Colorful Tulips. Beautifully decorated in a half-high vase, this bouquet with its 30 blossoms makes quite a splash and thus becomes the highlight of your table decoration.

Colorful tulips and their meaning

Bunten Tulpenstrauß bestellen

A colorful bouquet of tulips has as many meanings as it has colors. Thus, colorful tulips can stand for love and affection that you want to convey to your loved ones with this bouquet.

It can also stand for rebirth and new beginnings, as these flowers usher in and welcome spring with their burst of color.

Last but not least, colorful tulips stand for charity, which is why a bouquet of colorful tulips is a great gift to give to your loved ones. Perfect, therefore, if you want to please your loved ones and show them that you think of them.

Tulip care is easy

Want to know how to take the best care of your colorful tulips so you can enjoy them for a long time? Then we have a few tips for you:

  1. Cut your tulips straight with a sharp and clean knife. This will ensure better water absorption.
  2. Use a clean vase for your fresh tulip bouquet. A clean vase is important, otherwise bacteria can develop in the water, affecting the freshness of your tulips.
  3. Remove leaves that are hanging in the water. This will help prevent bacteria from forming in the water, which will cause your colorful tulips to fade more quickly.
  4. Your tulips do not like direct sunlight. They prefer a place that is as cool as possible.

Tulips hang their heads - what to do?

The most important thing is to stay calm and not to panic! We have a trick for you, how your colorful tulips can regain their strength in no time. For this you need a sharp knife, a clean vase, fresh water and newspaper. And this is how it works:

Now fill the vase with the fresh water and re-cut your tulips again. Then wrap your colorful tulips tightly in the newspaper and place them in the water again. After an hour you should already see that your tulips are standing again.

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