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With fresh and colorful flowers we make special people happy, because flowers are actually the number one gift in all cultures when it comes to giving dear friends and family members a gift.

Who wants to order a colorful bouquet of flowers can be sure that the joy will be great. Especially colorful flowers attract their full attention and release feelings of happiness at the sight of them. So, if you want to decorate your home with the most colorful flowers, especially in the cold season, we recommend ordering cheerful varieties such as colorful gerberas, carnations or tulips.

Gerberas are also available in winter in yellow, red, pink and orange. Order colorful tulips and have them delivered is possible from the end of December until Easter. Red tulips, purple tulips, yellow tulips and orange tulips are particularly popular.

If you also like colorful and bright flowers, you can enjoy the great comeback of carnations. Their bloom is exceptionally beautiful and sending carnations is very straightforward, as they are wonderful to ship and hardy. Arrived and unpacked carnations shine in one or two colors of pink, pink, champagne and orange. In spring, ranunculus and peonies are especially coveted, as their bloom time is short-lived. So if you want to give peonies as a gift, you can do it from May. In summer and autumn, there is hardly a limit to the choice of colorful bouquets, here most flowers such as gladioli, sunflowers, chrysanthemum, gerbera, lisianthus, hydrangea and many more are in peak season and are tied into the most beautiful summer bouquets.

Colorful bouquets gifting made easy, with us at any time of the year.

A colorful bouquet of flowers makes hearts beat faster

Neurological studies prove it: at the sight of a colorful bouquet of flowers happiness hormones are released and the stress level is lowered. We are convinced that colorful flowers are the most beautiful and natural gift you can give to a special person. If you want to order and send a colorful bouquet of flowers, you can easily choose a suitable bouquet with us and even have it delivered the following day.

Order flowers and have them delivered tomorrow: How does it work? If we receive your order by 3:00 p.m., our florists still have time to carefully tie your bouquet. The fresh flowers will then be handed over to our shipping partner and will make their way directly to your recipient. Sending colorful flowers: No problem! Of course, you can also give yourself a treat and send flowers to your workplace or have them delivered to the place of your choice. It is important to specify the correct delivery address.

The color of flowers and their meaning

Flowers are still considered a non-verbal means of communication. Even hundreds of years ago, couples in the Orient could communicate with the help of flowers. There was a real flower code, with which one could send messages to each other. Because publicly one was often not allowed to show his affection.

To this day, every flower has a symbolism and even the colors of the flowers have a certain meaning: after all, the red rose stands for true love. Prickly thistle means a rebuff.

And even today we give red roses to our partner, yellow flowers to good friends and condole with white flowers. So flowers have proven to be a beautiful and important means of communication.

So that you do not make a faux pas when giving flowers, we have here for you a small orientation of the meaning of the flower colors:

Red flowers: are given mainly to the partner or the partner. Because red flowers stand for true love. Yellow flowers: Stand for cheerfulness and friendship.

Yellow flowers are wonderful to give to good friends, neighbors and colleagues. Orange flowers are also the perfect gift for good friends.

White flowers: Stand for purity and innocence. Here in Central Europe, it is common to give white flowers for condolences, because they are restrained and express our sympathy.

Blue flowers: blue is quite a rare color in nature, so it is very majestic and extremely popular. A light blue represents freedom, while a dark blue represents permanence.

Pink flowers: actually like especially girls and women, because the color does not go out of fashion and simply makes a good mood.

Hand-tied and harmoniously composed

Our florists know their craft and bind all colorful bouquets with a lot of heart and soul. Our team works hand in hand and is constantly on the lookout for new trends and unique combinations.

Especially in the color theory there are some combination of flowers that fit together wonderfully and for this reason we would like to recommend the following bouquets to you

Order a colorful bouquet of flowers - Our recommendation

Colorful gerbera

  • Always cause great joy
  • Are the most popular flowers of the Germans

15 Colorful Roses + Merci Finest Selection

  • Ideal for the partner
  • Become a great gift with chocolate

Bouquet of flowers of Peruvian lilies

  • Consist of a true sea of flowers
  • Always ensure a good mood

Bouquet Kunterbunt

  • Fits any occasion
  • Classically tied and therefore very popular

Bouquet Glückskind

  • Suitable as a gift for any occasion
  • Scores with its beautiful color combination

Flower Bouquet of colorful ranunculus

  • Only available in spring, therefore very popular
  • Bouquet contains 25 colorful ranunculus
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