Indoor palms

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  1. Goldfruchtpalme XXL (Areca-Palme, 150 cm)
    Gold Fruit Palm XXL | +/- 140-150 cm | ø 24 cm | Areca Palm
  2. Duftender Drachenbaum
    Fragrant Dragon Tree XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 24 cm | Dracaena Massangeana
  3. Kentia Palm XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 21 cm | Howea Forsteriana
    Kentia Palm XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 21 cm | Howea Forsteriana
    Special Price €52.95 Regular Price €74.95
  4. Drachenbaum XXL
    Dragon Tree XXL | +/- 140-150 cm | ø 24 cm | Dracaena Marginata
  5. Strelitzie XXL (Strelicia Nicolai, 150 cm)
    Strelitzia XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 24 cm | Strelicia Nicolai
  6. Yucca-Palme (Palmlilie, 2-stämmig, 90 cm)
    Yucca Palm (2 stems) | +/- 80 cm | ø 17 cm | Palm Lily
  7. Two Areca Palms (60 cm) + Two Free Pots
    Two Areca Palms (60 cm) + Two Free Pots
  8. Palmfarn (Cycas revoluta, 60 cm)
    Palm Fern + Free Planter | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Cycas Revoluta
  9. Elefantenfuß
    Elephant Foot + Free Pot | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Nolina
  10. Philodendron (Imperial Red, 45 cm) + gratis Topf
    Philodendron + Free Pot | +/- 45 cm | ø 17 cm | Imperial Red
  11. Drachenbaum (Dracaena marginata, 70 cm) + gratis Topf
    Dragon Tree + Free Pot | +/- 70 cm | ø 17 cm | Dracaena Marginata
  12. Goldfruchtpalme bestellen
    Gold Fruit Palm + Free Planter | +/- 60 cm | ø 17cm | Areca-Palm
  13. Drachenbaum (Dracaena marginata, 120 cm)
    Dragon Tree | +/- 120 cm | ø 21 cm | Dracaena Marginata
  14. Yucca-Palme XL (Palmlilie, 3-stämmig, 120 cm)
    Yucca Palm XL (3 stems) | +/- 120 cm | ø 24 cm | Palm Lily

Care for indoor palms

Indoor palms are usually divided into two types: The fan palm and the pinnate palm. These exotic houseplants usually come from tropical and warm regions. However, they also feel very comfortable in our country. Indoor palms do not need much care, as they do not need to be watered often.

We take care of our indoor palms by placing them in partial shade and watering them rarely, but intensively. Our new indoor palm is welcome to be watered with rainwater and may even be placed on the balcony or terrace in the summer.

Indoor palm species

Our indoor palms include the golden fruit palm (Areca), the dragon tree (Dracaena Marginata) and the exotic elephant foot. If you like tropical feeling and tropical plants, you can add to your own jungle with a monstera, a pineapple plant, an elephant ear or a philodendron.

These houseplants harmonize especially well and turn your living room into a green oasis. Order your indoor palm today and have it delivered tomorrow.

Give a palm tree as a gift

Giving a houseplant as a gift is always a great idea. Our houseplants are packaged safely and with high quality, and with a free greeting card or video message, they become a creative gift for a birthday, housewarming, business opening, or just because.

Our indoor palms are also especially suitable in offices or business premises. They are delivered with a free planter and are ready to be placed. Add some fresh water and you are ready to go.

Buy an indoor palm online

With us you can buy an indoor palm tree easily and in a few steps. We will explain the ordering process to you:

  • Choose your most beautiful indoor palm and put it in the shopping cart.
  • If it is a gift, fill out the free greeting card
  • Enter the correct delivery address and your billing address
  • Choose your preferred delivery date
  • Choose the most convenient payment method
  • Sit back and relax. We will take care of the rest

Origin of our indoor palms

Our palms originate from Central and South America. The houseplants are very robust and extremely easy to care for. They cope well with heat and humidity, so feel very comfortable in your living room, conservatory or bathroom. In winter, make sure they are in a pleasantly warm place. In the summer, they are welcome to move outside when temperatures are warm. You can clean the fans occasionally with a damp cloth.

Order indoor palms for the office

Indoor plants are simply indispensable in the office. The color green promotes creativity, plants absorb sound, purify the air and reduce your stress level at the sight of them. Tropical indoor palms therefore provide a pleasant climate, especially in business premises. If you are looking for the right office plants, we recommend ordering a set of different plants (plant trio) or keeping an eye on our offers. These are particularly interesting for business people.

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