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Do you love it green and would love to turn your home into an Urban Jungle? Are you looking for green buddies to clean the air for you? Or are you looking for the big eye-catcher in your four walls that will attract all eyes? Then we have just the right houseplants for you - namely our large plants! They not only turn your home into a jungle, give you fresh air and are in part extremely easy to care for, but are the star of your home. Order your large houseplant online now!

Plants as privacy screens or as specimen plants

Who does not know it, a beautiful privacy screen for the living room, bedroom or dining room to find, is not so easy and usually very expensive. But we have a suitable solution for you! How about a large houseplant that acts as a privacy screen? Due to its height or its large leaves, the plant shields you perfectly and is also very suitable as a decorative element in your interior.

Speaking of decoration, of course you can use your big green friend as a solitary plant. Now you're probably wondering, a specimen plant, what is that? The definition to this term would be quite simple. A specimen plant is a plant that, because of its size or appearance alone, is the highlight of your decor and doesn't need any other decoration - we're sure our large plants can do just that.

Care of large plants

The care of large plants is not very different from that of other plants. Here, too, there may be plants that are very easy to care for or those that need more attention. Our tip: Always read the care instructions for the respective plants in advance.

Top 3 large plants

1. Yucca palm XL (palm lily, 3 stems, 120 cm)

The palm lily is not only our favorite when it comes to large plants, but is generally Germany's favorite living room plant. Due to its size and exotic appearance, it is the eye-catcher in your home decoration.

And best of all: it is easy to care for! So plant beginners watch out, we have something for you here. The yucca needs only little water and wants only a bright location. In summer you can also take it to the balcony, but please look for a sheltered location.

2. Monstera Pertusum XL (window leaf, 110 cm) incl. moss stock

Looking for an XL air purifier that will give your home a real jungle feeling? Then try our Monstera Pertusum XL. Because of its size, it also comes with a moss stick that it shimmies up on.

But it's not just its looks that are impressive, it's also how low-maintenance the Monstera is. It needs a little water at regular intervals, hardly needs any fertilizing and only wants a bright place in your home, otherwise it is happy as a clam and then grows merrily ahead of itself here.

3. Alocasia Zebrina XL (Elephant Ear, 95 cm)

You want to invite an Asian beauty into your four walls? Then the Alocasia Zebrina will meet your taste exactly. Due to the grain of its stems in a zebra pattern and the large leaves, the elephant ear is a real eye-catcher and really pimps up your Urban Jungle. You should place the Alocasia out of reach of animals, however, as the Zebrina is not compatible with your friend on four paws.

The Zebrina is a little more high maintenance, however. It requires a lot of water, likes it sunny, and prefers to be fertilized weekly. Plant novices should therefore be aware of the care before falling for this green roommate.

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