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Snapdragons - a classic in bouquets

Whereas on our main page you can "order flowers by type", here you can find our entire range of snapdragons at a glance. That is, here you can comfortably buy any bouquet in the certain knowledge that it contains snapdragons. Snapdragons or snapdragons from the Wegrich family are considered classics in bouquets. Fresh from the grower, this flower not only blooms for a particularly long time, but also brightens up any home with its extremely colorful flowers. No matter how gloomy it may be outside.

The legendary grape-like flowers are said to be inhabited by elves and fairies because of their beauty with the bright pink. However, we can not promise you that these are also included ;-).

In addition, a gift?

If you want to order flowers for someone else, once you have chosen one or more bouquets, your loved ones can be additionally pleased by personalizing the flower gift with the help of a small gift. Our online store allows you to add a greeting card or vase with just one click. In addition, a delicacy - such as chocolates or chocolate - can also be included.

Give your floral greeting the final touch!

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