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Send fresh flowers with a gift

Order a gift such as chocolate, a gift cup or a cuddly toy in addition to a freshly bound bouquet and make your flower greeting something very special. 

In addition to gifts, we also offer matching vases to our bouquets, should you already know that the recipient does not have a vase at home. 

Round off your flower greeting with a free greeting card in which you leave a personal greeting. Alternatively, you can have a video message sent with your order. 

What are you waiting for? Buy a bouquet now! 

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Flowers bouquet can be delivered anywhere in Germany

With our online store, we make it possible for you to give your family, friends and acquaintances throughout Germany. You can not be with them because you live too far away or are prevented? No problem! We are there for you and deliver your bouquet on your behalf. 

Whether Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt or Munich, you can send a bouquet of fresh flowers for any occasion throughout Germany. If desired, directly on the day after your order.

Frequently asked questions about flower bouquets:

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What are the most popular flowers?

Some of the most popular flowers are roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, tulips and sunflowers. 

However, their popularity can vary depending on personal taste. That is why it is always advisable to choose a bouquet with the favorite flowers of the person receiving the gift.

How long does a bouquet last?

We give a 7-day-freshness-promise on our bouquets. With our care tips, you can enjoy the flowers even longer:

  1. Cut the flower stems.
  2. Remember to change the water regularly.
  3. Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight.

Which cut flowers last the longest?

Not all cut flowers wilt at the same rate in the vase. Some types, such as peruvian lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, and lilies, are especially known for maintaining their freshness and beauty over a long period of time. With proper care, such as regular water changes and a cool location, these flowers can often remain in full glory for up to two weeks.

What is the cost of a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Depending on the types of flowers, size, occasion and relationship with the recipient, the cost of a bouquet can vary greatly. As a guide, you can take the following prices:

  • Thank you flowers, housewarming or just like that: 25 - 35 €.
  • Birthday, apology: 30 - 50 €
  • Get well soon, birth: 30 - 40 €
  • Wedding: 50 - 60 €
  • Funeral flowers, anniversary: 60 - 70 €

What kind of bouquets are there?

  • Classic bouquets: This type of bouquet often has a round shape and consists of carefully arranged flowers (Biedermeier bouquet). They are usually very elegant and traditional.
  • Field flower bouquets: These bouquets mimic the look of flowers picked at random from a field. They often have a loose, natural style and can include a variety of flowers and grasses.
  • Mono bouquets: These bouquets consist of only one type of flower. For example, a rose mono bouquet would be one that consists solely of roses.
  • Mix bouquets: These bouquets combine different types of flowers in one arrangement, resulting in a vibrant and often colorful appearance.
  • Seasonal bouquets: These bouquets are made from flowers that bloom at a specific time of year. For example, a spring bouquet might include tulips and ranunculus, while an autumn bouquet might include chrysanthemums and asters.
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