Send flowers anonymously

Send flowers anonymously

Send flowers and remain anonymous: You want to give someone a special surprise? Send flowers without a sender and make your gift more exciting.

We offer bouquets in a variety of sizes and colors and - if you like - delicious chocolate to go with them. Let flowers speak for you: Whether you want to say thank you or possibly even secretly in love. Flowers are the ideal gift to please the person of your heart. Fresh flowers are actually one of the most popular gifts and that even in all cultures.

Give flowers anonymously: a very special pleasure

Imagine the joy of the person in your heart when she opens the parcel and is greeted by a wonderful scent of flowers. When unpacking, there is no information who is the sender of the fresh flowers. Exciting, isn't it? There is guessing and thinking, but no chance: the sender of the gift remains anonymous, unless he wants to reveal himself.

How can I send flowers anonymously?

  1. Choose a bouquet from our collection
  2. Personalize your order in the shopping cart with a free greeting card or a video message
  3. Select anonymous delivery at the checkout in the second order step at the delivery address

flower delivery anonymously

In principle, it is very simple: you decide yourself whether you want to send your flowers anonymously, that is, with as sender. If you choose anonymous delivery, we do not enclose anything with the package, on which the customer is named. In addition, you can also send flowers without a customer account.

So in our high quality shipping package the recipient will not find anything except the ordered product. The flowers are sent on their journey by our florists with a fresh pack of water. So they are well taken care of and arrive fresh to the recipient.

In addition, the package contains an envelope with cut flower fertilizer and care instructions. No advertising, no paperwork, no unnecessary frills. If needed, you can leave a message, which we will then print on a high-quality card and enclose in the package. This way, the recipient can know who sent the flower greeting.

Give flowers anonymously on the desired date

Important and very practical is the delivery of flowers on the desired date. You can select this in the ordering process, whether for a birthday, anniversary or spontaneously for the next day.

We send your flowers for you to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Order before 13:30 o'clock so that we can guarantee an express delivery the next day. So the recipient can get your flowers anonymously.

Desired delivery date: Shipping date*:
Monday Saturday
Tuesday Monday
Wednesday Tuesday
Thursday Wednesday
Friday Thursday
Saturday Friday

*No delivery on holidays.

Flowers make happy! With and without a sender!

The fact is that flowers make you happy. So with our fresh cut flowers, you're always on the right side when you want to give a gift to someone special. And items without a return address are exciting, arouse curiosity and show that you are a creative person. We hope you enjoy choosing your most beautiful bouquet - with or without a personal greeting card or video message.

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