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Tired of Biedermeier bouquets or other classic flower arrangements? You want it wild and unusual instead? Then try meadow flowers. Loosely tied, they are a great option to the already familiar bouquets.

The best part? With them, you'll feel like you're walking along a colorful field in summer. So perfect also as a flowery gift to your loved ones, when you want to say "thank you" or just because.

What are meadow flowers anyway?

Meadow flowers, or wildflowers, are species of flowers that grow wild. Mostly, flower varieties of this genus can be found in the forest, along dirt roads or on meadows and thus contribute to a colorful nature, which makes us immensely happy. So why not take this feeling home with you? Order your bouquet of meadow flowers online now.

However, meadow flowers do not only grow wild, because especially in the sign of the bees, wildflowers have been advertised more and more in Germany for years. People are motivated with the hashtag #safethebees to scatter seeds of meadow flowers in their beds or along green strips so that we can make the world a better place.

What colors do meadow flowers come in?

Like all flowers, meadow flowers are particularly colorful. But always pay attention, because different colors have different meanings.

So, yellow meadow flowers symbolize the sun, which radiates warmth. However, yellow wildflowers can also stand for joie de vivre and happiness. Orange meadow flowers, on the other hand, express energy and joie de vivre, bringing a breath of fresh air to your four walls.

If you want to express hope or loyalty, blue meadow flowers are just the right gift for you. Purple wildflowers say that you trust your loved ones very much. You want it more elegant? Then try white meadow flowers. They also stand for purity, innocence and honesty.

You prefer something romantic? Then red meadow flowers are just the right choice! They say love and passion. But pink wildflowers also stand for love and also symbolize tenderness.

Therefore, be careful when choosing your bouquet!

Our top 5 meadow flower bouquets

  1. Meadow bouquet Estelle
    Are you looking for a bouquet that reflects autumn and all its beautiful colors? Then give Estelle a try. With a mix of yellow and orange flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, craspedia or the kangaroo flower, Estelle will bring autumn into your four walls and put a smile on your loved ones' faces.
  2. Meadow bouquet Rosanna XL
    Well, do you see yourself strolling along the fields and plucking a flower or two? What a romantic image. This is exactly what Rosanna reflects. With a variation of pink flowers like shrub roses, lisianthus, thistles and also snapdragons, it holds an abundance from the most popular meadow flowers.
  3. Meadow Bouquet Nelia XL
    You want something different? Then try Nelia. It shines in blue and purple tones. With premium roses, lisianthus, bluebells or beach lilacs, she will be the eye-catcher in any vase. She is just the right choice to send summer moments to your home.
  4. Meadow bouquet Clara XXL
    It should be pompous? So big that the recipient can not embrace the bouquet? Then Clara is the right choice for you. With a colorful selection of typical meadow flowers, such as chamomile, thistles, lisianthus and many more, she has a whole wildflower meadow ready for you. And when it comes to size, no one can beat it.
  5. Bouquet of dried flowers meadow splendor
    You want to have something longer from your meadow flowers? Well, then it doesn't always have to be fresh cut flowers. How about a preserved version to the meadow flower bouquets? Our choice there, our dried flower bouquet meadow splendor. Here roses, grasses, eucalyptus and berries were carefully dried and lovingly tied into a bouquet.
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