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  1. Blumenstrauß Bunte Nelken
    Flower Bouquet Colorful Carnations
  2. Blumenstrauß Flora
    Flower Bouquet Flora
    As low as €23.95
  3. Flower Bouquet Buntes Fest
    Flower Bouquet Buntes Fest
  4. Blumenstrauß Glückskind
    Flower Bouquet Glückskind
  5. Flower Bouquet Pink + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Pink + Free Glass Vase
  6. Flower Bouquet Bella + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Bella + Free Glass Vase
  7. Flower Bouquet Ida + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Ida + Free Glass Vase
  8. Blumenstrauß Bunter Blumentraum
    Flower Bouquet Bunter Blumentraum
    As low as €24.95
  9. Blumenstrauß Maiblumen
    Flower Bouquet Maiblumen
  10. Flower Bouquet Carlotta
    Flower Bouquet Carlotta
  11. Flower Bouquet Zoe
    Flower Bouquet Zoe
  12. Blumenstrauß Renaissance
    Flower Bouquet Renaissance
  13. Blumenstrauß Farbenfroh
    Flower Bouquet Farbenfroh
  14. Blumenstrauß Louise
    Flower Bouquet Louise
  15. Blumenstrauß Romy
    Flower Bouquet Romy
  16. Blumenstrauß Glücksmoment
    Flower Bouquet Glücksmoment
  17. Blumenstrauß Ava
    Flower Bouquet Ava
  18. Blumenstrauß Marit
    Flower Bouquet Marit
  19. Blumenstrauß Hanna
    Flower Bouquet Hanna
  20. Flower Bouquet Blumenzauber
    Flower Bouquet Blumenzauber
  21. Wildflower Bouquet Abendsonne
    Wildflower Bouquet Abendsonne
    As low as €27.95
  22. Feldblumenstrauß Sommerwiese
    Wildflower Bouquet Sommerwiese
    As low as €27.95
  23. Wildflower Bouquet Violetta
    Wildflower Bouquet Violetta
    As low as €31.95
  24. Big Flower Bouquet Regenbogen XXL
    Big Flower Bouquet Regenbogen XXL
  25. Blumenstrauß Morgenröte
    Flower Bouquet Morgenröte
  26. Flower Bouquet Beatrix
    Flower Bouquet Beatrix
  27. Sommerstrauß Sonnentanz + Milka Kleines Dankeschön
    Summer Bouquet Sonnentanz + Milka Thank You
  28. Blumenstrauß Louise + Milka Kleines Dankeschön
    Flower Bouquet Louise + Milka Kleines Dankeschön
  29. Flower Bouquet Glückskind + Chocolate Box "Joghurtschatz"
    Flower Bouquet Glückskind + Chocolate Box "Joghurtschatz"
  30. Blumenstrauß Renaissance inkl. Merci Schokolade
    Flower Bouquet Renaissance + Merci Finest Selection
  31. Flower Bouquet  Carlotta + Chocolate Dankeschön
    Flower Bouquet Carlotta + Chocolate Dankeschön
  32. Flower Bouquet Farbenfroh + Chocolate Box Lass dich feiern
    Flower Bouquet Farbenfroh + Chocolate Box Lass dich feiern
  33. Flower Bouquet Fleur
    Flower Bouquet Fleur
  34. Feldblumenstrauß Pink
    Wildflower Bouquet Pink
  35. Wildflower Bouquet Sommermärchen
    Wildflower Bouquet Sommermärchen
    As low as €32.95
  36. Flower Bouquet Leonie XXL
    Flower Bouquet Leonie XXL

All carnation bouquets

Here you will find the most beautiful carnation bouquets. From red, white or pink carnations - we offer you a colorful selection of noble carnations.

With their extravagant flower dress, carnations are a real eye-catcher in a bouquet and are therefore a popular choice for florists.

What are you waiting for? Browse our selection now and send a bouquet of carnations made with love!

Carnations add color & character to a bouquet of flowers

Carnation bouquets are gaining more and more popularity by delighting with their unusual appearance and exuding charm all over Germany. Both petite and long-lasting, this cut flower adds plenty of color & character to any bouquet due to its large circular blooms.

Carnation turns out in a wide variety of colors: Bright pink, salmon, purple, dark red, soft orange, bright yellow. So the carnation offers an all-around impressive array of colors. And the best part? This colorful flower is available for you all year round.

Give a carnation bouquet as a gift?

If you want to give carnations as a gift, you can additionally please your loved ones by personalizing your carnation bouquet with the help of a small gift.

Our online store allows you to add a greeting card, video message or vase with just one click. In addition, a delicacy - such as chocolates and a gift cup or cuddly toy - can also be sent along.

Either way, with or without a gift, a bouquet of carnations is guaranteed to bring joy. If it is a happy occasion, we recommend giving colorful carnations.

Bouquets of carnations are divine by name!

Enthusiasm for the carnation goes back a long way: even the Romans designed forehead wreaths from carnations or obtained a fresh perfumed water from the flowers.

And also the botanical name of the carnation is Dianthus and is composed of the Greek words "dios" (god) and "anthos" (flower). This definitely makes the carnation and, in our opinion, any bouquet of carnation flowers truly divine! Buy carnations now and give a loved one a divine gift.

What is the meaning of a bouquet of carnations?

Carnations not only look charming, they also have a wonderful meaning in the language of flowers. A bouquet of carnations can stand for devotion and love. So perfect as a gift to your or your loved one.

Because of their special appearance, carnations also stand for exceptionality and fascination. You find someone particularly fascinating? Then give a bouquet of carnations as a gift to express your feelings.

Our five favorite carnation bouquets

We can understand that sometimes it's not so easy to find the perfect bouquet - especially when the choice of flower beauties is so wide. That's why we're giving you our top 5 favorite carnation bouquets:

Bouquet Colorful Carnations

Here the name says it all. This bouquet is a true firework of colors and enchants with colorful carnations in radiant colors. From bright red to soft pink or shining yellow - here you will find many colors that the rainbow has to offer. This colorful bouquet is rounded off by baby's breath and grasses and will bring a lot of joy to the recipient - we are sure!

Flower bouquet Glückskind

Bright pink carnations radiate towards the lucky child, which is given our flower bouquet Glückskind. Two-color roses, white santini and green baby's breath and pistachio green provide the WOW effect, as soon as the recipient opens the package with your bouquet. Especially for birthdays, anniversaries or as a token of attention, this bouquet is a great choice.

Flower bouquet Marit

Clean and elegant, this is our flower bouquet Marit. With large white carnations, roses and white santini, this bouquet represents appreciation, respect and compassion. The perfect get-well gift, then. A little tip: personalize your flower greeting with a free video message or greeting card.

Flower bouquet Ava

Red is your favorite color or that of the person receiving the gift? Then our Ava bouquet is the right choice for you! With a color combination of red and white, this bouquet expresses your feelings through the flower. The highlight of the bouquet? The large red carnations, which provide a fiery eye-catcher.

Summer flower bouquet Sonnentanz

You are looking for a classic bouquet that contains carnations? Our recommendation - our summer bouquet Sonnentanz. Classically bound orange carnations enchant you, which shine with yellow chrysanthemums and gerberas as well as orange roses and a protea. Get now with this bouquet the good mood for home or give them to a loved one.

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