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All carnation bouquets

Whereas on our main page "Order flower type" all our flower types are listed, here you will find exclusively carnation bouquets, that is mixed bouquets containing among others carnations.

Carnations add color & character to a bouquet

The carnation is back and ushers in summer! Carnation bouquets are gaining more and more popularity by delighting with its unusual appearance and exuding charm throughout Germany. Both dainty and long-lasting, this cut flower adds plenty of color & character to any bouquet due to its large circular blooms. The typical summer flower carnation turns out in a wide variety of colors: Bright pink, salmon, purple, dark red, soft orange, bright yellow. So the carnation offers an all-around impressive array of colors.

Give a bouquet of carnations as a gift?

If you want to give carnations as a gift, once you have chosen one or more bouquets, your loved ones can be additionally pleased by personalizing your carnation bouquet with the help of a small gift. Our online store allows you to add a greeting card or vase with just one click. In addition, a delicacy - such as chocolates and a gift cup or cuddly toy - can also be sent along.
Either way, with or without a gift, a bouquet of carnations is guaranteed to bring joy. If it is a happy occasion, we recommend giving colorful carnations.

Bouquets of carnations are divine by name!

Enthusiasm for the carnation goes back a long way: even the Romans designed forehead wreaths from carnations or obtained a fresh perfumed water from the flowers. And also the botanical name of the carnation is Dianthus and is composed of the Greek words "dios" (god) and "anthos" (flower). This definitely makes the carnation and, in our opinion, any bouquet of carnation flowers truly divine!

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