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They come in the most colorful colors - freesias. That's exactly why they are wonderful additions to our bouquets. But you can enjoy your freesias not only indoors, did you know that you can also plant these flower beauties in the garden, so you can watch them bloom? No? Then we have more flower facts to improve your knowledge about freesias. And who knows, you might fall in love with these flowers as much as we did.

The meaning of freesias

Freesias have two meanings. On the one hand, they can be a romantic gesture to your partner, as they are a symbol of tenderness, love and fidelity. Therefore, they are especially good to tie into a bouquet with roses. Roses have a similar meaning as freesias and reinforce your message to your heart man, therefore even more. Freesia bouquets don't just stand for love, though. They also stand for appreciation. A very good gift therefore also to friends and relatives, you should make them a colorful joy. Freesias quite beautiful all-rounder.

Freesias as cut flowers order online

Freesias are among the most popular cut flowers in Germany. We can understand why. With their colorful blossoms, these flowers therefore brighten up any room. A freesia bouquet is suitable for many occasions, which means that with freesias you will always hit the mark with flower lovers. So what are you waiting for? Order your freesia bouquet today.

What occasions can I give freesias as gifts?

Because freesias have so many meanings, they are appropriate for almost any occasion.

As a gift to friends and family, freesias are suitable for saying thank you or as a small gesture of appreciation. Freesias are also very popular for birthdays or as a sign of friendship. Freesias are also a good gift to give as a token of appreciation on anniversaries. In white, freesias are also suitable in wedding bouquets or as wedding decorations. Of course, you can also send white freesias as a sign of mourning.

As a symbol of your love, you can give a freesia bouquet to your loved one on Valentine's Day or an anniversary or wedding day. The colorful flowers also make a wonderful gift for Women's Day or Father's Day.

What colors do freesias bloom in?

You can't go wrong with a freesia bouquet, because these flowers are a true firework of colors. From white to yellow or orange. Red, pink, purple and even blue are also present in the color spectrum of this flower. As you can already tell, the freesia helps you add colorful accents to your decor or make the lives of your loved ones more colorful.

Of course, the different colors of freesias also stand for different meanings. For example, white freesias symbolize innocence, purity or loyalty. Yellow freesias, on the other hand, say tolerance, patience and wisdom, and red ones stand for love and romance. Orange freesias represent strength, perseverance and ambition and purple ones, on the other hand, represent passion, sociability and energy. Blue freesias say care, faith and loyalty, whereas freesias in pink stand for infatuation, joy or happiness. There is a freesia for you for every occasion.

What is the origin of freesia and where does it come from?

Freesia belongs to the iris family. Their botanical name is Freesia x hybrida. But where does this beautiful flower come from? Freesias actually come from South Africa and are therefore used to warmer temperatures, which is why they were introduced to Europe as houseplants almost 100 years ago. Nevertheless, this plant can also be used as a decoration for your garden or balcony, as there are some freesia species that can also cope with cooler temperatures. For quite some time now, people have also been using freesia's treasure of flowers for bouquets, spicing them up with freesia's bright colors.

How long do freesias bloom?

Freesias are not only beautiful to look at in a bouquet, you can also plant your freesias outdoors. But are you familiar with how long your freesias bloom? If not, we'll give you a few tips on how long you can enjoy the colorful blooms of your flower beauties.

Freesias are bulbous plants that need to be planted long before they bloom. In July, freesias slowly begin to stretch and stretch their heads. You can admire their flowering splendor altogether from July to September. During their bloom, freesias exude a lovely sweet fragrance that, depending on the variety, can resemble that of roses, lemons or lilacs.

Even though freesias are perennial, they are not hardy. For this reason, you should dig up the bulbs of your beloved freesias in October. Dry your bulbs for two days at room temperature. After that you can store them in a wooden box at 15 to 20 degrees for hibernation.

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