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International Women's Day - flowers as a sign of appreciation

All over the world we celebrate Women's Day on March 8: the so-called International Women's Day. Every woman is happy to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift and especially on Women's Day. Giving flowers for Women's Day means expressing friendship, love, and appreciation.

Our flower delivery service will make your eyes shine by sending your chosen flowers for Women's Day. Safe and fast - on the desired delivery date or directly on the following day.

To ensure that all flowers, bouquets or houseplants arrive fresh for International Women's Day, our florists tie each one freshly on the day of dispatch. Then, the floral greetings are securely packed in our fresh package so that they do not suffer any damage during shipping and are delivered fresh by DHL to the recipient's home a few hours later.

Through this process, we enable a 7-day-freshness-promise. Then, on March 8, 2023, the woman of your heart will receive her Women's Day flower greeting.

If you like, our online flower delivery service offers you the option of adding a free greeting card and a small gift to your Women's Day flower delivery. Every woman will be delighted with one of our bouquets of fresh colorful flowers with a personal message and surprise gift. Promise!

Give flowers for women's day - origin

How did the international women's day actually originate? Celebrated on 08.03 around the world, this day has a weighty historical significance. Women's Day stands for women's rights and is also a symbol of world peace.

The origin of this holiday lies with... clearly, with a woman, namely, among others, the women's rights activist Clara Zetkin. She successfully campaigned politically in 1909 for the introduction of women's right to vote. From then on, over the course of time, there have been repeated initiatives to approach the ideal of equal opportunities for all people.

More and more countries followed the example of the USA to introduce the right to vote for women and to strengthen the equality of men and women. This was also the case in Germany in 1921.

Today, the whole world celebrates this solemn event and the appreciation of women on March 8, regardless of political and historical background. For Women's Day, people give fresh flowers not only to their wives, but also to their mothers, grandmothers, neighbors or daughters. After all, about flowers for Women's Day really everyone is happy.

What flowers to give for Women's Day?

Originally, men gave red flowers - especially red carnations. Today, all sorts are gladly ordered and sent. From roses, to lilies, peruvian lilies, carnations, to gerberas, everything is well received.

Which The color also no longer plays an important role. Our tip is to simply choose the favorite color of the woman you are giving as a gift, or choose the bouquet that you like best.

For those who are unsure and want to avoid putting their foot in it with colleagues and friends, here are a few tips on the language of flowers: roses are a symbol of beauty and strength. A bouquet of roses is the perfect gift to tell a lady on Women's Day that you respect and respect her.

Whereas red roses are best to send only to your sweetheart. Yellow roses on the other hand represent friendship, and the color orange expresses admiration and respect.

Giving flowers for women's day like gerbera, carnations and lisianthus are the ultimate sign of joy and friendship. Generally, you can never go wrong with gerbera. This type of flower goes down well on any occasion.

White lilies represent affection and cohesion. Their lush blooms will charm almost any lady and are also considered generally romantic - perfect for your sweetheart on International Women's Day.

Besides, a bouquet of field flowers always goes down well, too. If you order such a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers for Women's Day, you are playing it safe to send a great gift.

Those who are still undecided can also choose a fresh surprise bouquet Big Surprise. This is always freshly tied by our florist to match the occasion and the season.

But whatever you choose, you'll do everything right with fresh flowers for International Women's Day.

Flowers for International Women's Day - A new holiday

Did you know. In 2018, International Women's Day was introduced as a new public holiday in Berlin. As the first state in Germany, all people living and working in Berlin can enjoy this day off on March 8. 

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