Colorful Roses

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Blumenstrauß Rosenzeit + Herzmanschette
    Flower Bouquet Rosenzeit + Heart Cuff
  2. 10 Orange Rosen (50cm)
    10 Orange Roses (50cm)
  3. 15 Colourful Roses - Premium Roses (50cm)
    15 Colourful Roses - Premium Roses (50cm)
  4. 10 Gelbe Rosen (50cm)
    10 Yellow Roses (50cm)
  5. 15 Colorful Roses + Merci Finest Selection (50cm)
    15 Colorful Roses + Merci Finest Selection (50cm)
  6. 20 orange Rosen (40 cm)
    20 Orange Roses (40cm)
  7. Flower Bouquet Kleine Aufmerksamkeit + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Kleine Aufmerksamkeit + Free Glass Vase
  8. 40 orange Rosen (40 cm)
    40 Orange Roses (40cm)

Buy or give colorful roses

You love the queen of flowers, but can't decide on a color? No problem, because we have wonderful colorful roses for you. In our assortment you will find everything that the rose color palette has to offer. So red roses, white roses or yellow roses as well as pink roses are included in our colorful bouquets.

Colorful roses and their meaning

Rose roses stand for love and longing, white for purity, innocence and eternal love. Orange roses symbolize happiness and contentment and yellow roses stand for gratitude - but what is the meaning of colorful roses?

Colorful roses embody the joy of life and variety. After all, why give just one color when you can give a whole sea of colors?

When do I send colorful roses?

Colorful roses can be given as a gift on any occasion. Whether it's your best friend's birthday, grandma's name day, mom's retirement or even your parents' wedding anniversary, colorful roses are always a nice gift.

But apart from the colors, which are always suitable, colorful roses also stand for goodwill and convey sympathy. So all the more reason to order a bouquet of colorful roses for your favorite person today.

Colorful roses as a great table decoration

Colorful roses are not only a wonderful gift, they are also very suitable for your table decoration. Harmoniously decorated in a vase, our colorful rose bouquets will be the highlight of your table decoration. Of course, you can also include your bouquet in your decoration and divide the rose bouquet into several vases and decorate them scattered on your table.

Our top 3 colorful rose bouquets

Of course, we have a wide assortment of colorful rose bouquets, so sometimes it can be a little hard to choose. For this very reason, we're telling you our favorite bouquets with colorful roses.

  1. Rose Bouquet Heart Shape
    Want to express your love and affection in the form of colorful roses? Then try our colorful rose bouquet framed by a heart cuff. Delivered as a heart, this bouquet is the ultimate token of love to your loved ones. But not only that, this classic bouquet also makes a great gift for your grandma or mom.
  2. 15 Colorful Roses with Merci Chocolate
    Say thank you with our 15 colorful roses with Merci chocolate. Why do we always need a reason to give flowers? Even just because, the recipient will be happy about your rose greeting. Especially when delicious chocolate is involved. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your loved ones with colorful roses today.
  3. Bouquet Kleine Aufmerksamkeit + free glass vase
    The name says it all. Our Small Attention bouquet shines with three beautiful bicolor roses called Paloma roses. Together with the white baby's breath and the trendy eucalyptus, this small bouquet is a real eye-catcher. But not only that, with this bouquet you get a free glass vase, matching the rose bouquet. A real all-round package. Be quick and secure this little attention.
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