White Tulips

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  1. 10 White Tulips
    10 White Tulips
    Available until 27-04-2024
  2. 20 Weiße Tulpen
    20 White Tulips
    Available until 27-04-2024
  3. 30 White Tulips
    30 White Tulips
    Available until 27-04-2024
  4. Bulb Bouquet Weiß - Tulpenstrauß mit Zwiebeln
    Bulb Bouquet White - Bouquet of Tulips with Bulbs
    Available until 27-04-2024
  5. Weißer Tulpenstrauß
    White Tulip Bouquet
    Available until 27-04-2024
  6. Flower Bouquet Agneta
    Flower Bouquet Agneta
    Available until 27-04-2024

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The early blooming season has started again and with it Germany's favorite cut flower is back on the market - the tulip. And what could be more beautiful than white tulips in a bouquet? That's exactly why we offer you a wide selection of white tulips for your decoration or as a gift to your loved ones. 

Our top 3 white tulip bouquets

Of course, we offer you a wide range of tulip bouquets in white. However, we would like to give you our three favorites among the white tulips.

20 White tulips

Do you need a little redemption to make your loved one forgive you? Then ask for forgiveness with our bouquet of 20 white tulips. We're sure this tulip bouquet will help you get back on the same page with your loved one.

White tulips bouquet

You love eucalyptus and tulips? Then our white tulip bouquet is perfect for you! With a combination of white flowers and mint green trim, respectively, this bouquet exudes simple elegance. It's the perfect addition to your decor if you like it clean and minimalistic.

But not only that, because of its wonderful look, our white tulip bouquet is also great to give as a gift and will make your loved ones' eyes sparkle.

Bulb Bouquet White - Tulip Bouquet with bulbs

Fancy an unusual look? Then try our Bulb Bouquet in white. This particular tulip bouquet comes with its bulb included, making it more durable than other cut flowers. Since bouquets with bulbs are not common, this bouquet will therefore be the highlight of your decor.

What do white tulips mean?

Like any other flower, white tulips have a meaning. In the language of flowers, white tulips stand for respect. They are also often used to express forgiveness or condolences.

So if you want to apologize to someone, we recommend sending a white tulip bouquet. We are sure that this will make the other person forgive you a little faster.

Timeless elegance with tulips in white

Your interior style is rather clean and timeless chic? Then our white tulip bouquets will fit perfectly in your home! Due to their white color, they exude a timeless elegance that will perfectly complement your interior design.

Also to the interior style Scandi Style, the color of the tulips fits very well. Through their color, they reflect this minimalist style well and thus set highlights within your decoration.

Table decoration with white tulips

Fancy a little tulip decoration? Then we have a little tip for you, how you can put your white tulips in scene. So you can take a large vase and fill it with a little water. Then drape your tulips inside the vase, so that these flower heads are inside the vase.

You can also use additional branches or berries to spice up your arrangement. Last but not least, you can now add a waterproof string of lights to your bouquet and your table decoration with white tulips is ready.

Buy white Tulips and start to decorate. 

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