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The sun is finally coming through the dreary days and with the first rays of sunshine, the early bloomers are trying to stretch and stretch their heads to show us their beauty. First and foremost, there are our yellow tulips that want to enchant us with their looks and present us how beautiful spring can be.

And the best part? You can get this spring feeling with our yellow tulip bouquets for your home. Or give them as gifts to your friends and family - because let's face it, who doesn't enjoy a beautiful bouquet of tulips?

Yellow Tulips Meaning

Wondering what the meaning of a yellow tulip is? Here comes the answer: in Germany, due to their bright color, yellow tulips stand for optimism, hope and cheerfulness. For this reason, tulips in yellow are often given as gifts among friends or to convey joyful news. However, you can also give yellow tulips as a gift of encouragement during a difficult time to rebuild your loved ones.

Fun Fact: The yellow tulip used to have a different meaning. Thus, it stood for disappointment and unrequited feelings of love. In Russia, it still stands for dishonesty in a relationship. However, we are glad that the meaning of the tulip has still changed, because let's be honest, who thinks of a negative meaning with its beauty?

Easter decoration with yellow tulips

Looking for ideas for your Easter decorations? Then we have a tip for you: yellow tulips! Because of their color, our tulips in yellow fit perfectly into any Easter decoration.

But how do you put your tulips in the best scene for your Easter decoration? We tell you how you can easily make Easter decorations. Drape your tulip bouquet on a silver bowl.

What do you need for this?

3 small vases or glasses, a large silver bowl, decorative eggs, moss and possibly a few decorative feathers or branches.

How do you make the decoration?

  1. Divide your yellow tulip bouquet into 2 to 3 small vases or glasses and place them on the silver tray.
  2. Now you can fill the empty spaces between the vases with moss.
    On the moss you can then drape your eggs and the feather.
  3. Of course, you can still use any branches or berries complementary.

And so simply you have then a beautiful Easter decoration with our yellow tulips.

Have yellow tulips sent with gift

Yellow tulips are not only a beautiful decoration for Easter, they are also a wonderful Easter gift to loved ones. So with our flower delivery service, you can send yellow tulips to your favorite people should you not be able to be with them on Easter.

Make your yellow tulip bouquet special by sending a little something like chocolate, a gift mug, a gift card or a cuddly toy.

Furthermore, you can also find a matching vase, should the recipient not have a vase at home.

Top 3 Yellow Tulip Bouquets

Even though we offer you a wide range of different yellow tulips, we would still like to present you our 3 favorites that completely enchant us and put us in a spring mood.

10 yellow tulips

Yellow tulips are not only a wonderful little treat in the springtime, no, they are also perfectly suited to recreate our Easter decorations. Due to the number of pieces, this bouquet is best suited to be divided into small jars to recreate our decoration idea.

Of course, we offer you not only 10 yellow tulips. If you want a larger bouquet of tulips, we also have bouquets of 20 or 30 yellow tulips to meet your needs.

Yellow tulip bouquet

Looking for a spring dream in yellow? Then our yellow tulip bouquet is just the right choice for you! Bound of 20 beautiful yellow tulips with grasses, this messenger of spring is perfect as a gift to your girlfriend or family.

But not only that, it also makes a wonderful table decoration for your living room or kitchen in a tall glass vase. So bring spring into your home today!

Bulb Bouquet Yellow - tulip bouquet with bulbs

You want a very special Easter decoration? Then try our Bulb Bouquet in yellow. But why is the Bulb Bouquet something extraordinary? We will tell you.

Our Bulb Bouquets are shipped including their bulbs. For this reason, they are more durable than regular cut flowers and really make a statement as table decorations, so tulip bouquets with bulbs are not something you see every day.

What are you waiting for? Order this extravagant bouquet today.

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