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    Flower Bouquet White Lilies
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    Flower Bouquet Orange Lilies
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    Flower Bouquet Pink Lilies
  4. Rosa Gerbera Blumenstrauß
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  5. Wildflower Bouquet Violetta
    Wildflower Bouquet Violetta
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  7. Blumenstrauß Champagnertraum
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Lilies bouquets

Our main page "Order flower bouquets" includes all kinds of flowers. In this category, on the other hand, you can specifically view all mono bouquets and mixed bouquets of lilies to quickly buy the right bouquet.

Lilies delight with their elegant and at the same time exotic appearance, which impresses in any bouquet. The flowers are a splendor.

On the one hand, they come in unique bright colors with pollen that create black speckled wreaths. For example, pink lilies or our large bouquet of lilies with orange flowers.

On the other hand, white lilies radiate royal beauty whereby their large flowers catch every eye. Sending a bouquet of lilies is always a good choice. They are the ideal choice for bouquets for Mother's Day, birthdays, weddings, or just because.

Lilies in a bouquet - meaning

A highlight among flower bouquets are lily bouquets. In addition to their extravagant floral splendor, the cut flowers from South America enchant among other things with their meaning.

Thus, they are generally symbolic of affection and cohesion, dignity and respect. Lilies should also provide femininity and fertility. Therefore, they already decorated brides at the wedding in the Roman Empire and are thus the oldest ornamental plants.

Send a bouquet of lilies all over Germany

You would like to give a bouquet full of lilies to your loved ones, but can't be there in person? No problem! We are happy to help you out. With our flower delivery service you can send the most beautiful lily bouquets to friends, family, colleagues or nice acquaintances.

Whether in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg or a small village - we deliver your flower greeting to any city within Germany. Island delivery is also possible. However, make sure to order one day earlier so that your lily order can arrive on time.

Give a bouquet of lilies as a gift?

You can also make your loved ones happy by sending them a small gift. Here we offer you a wide selection of matching chocolates, cards, gift cups or cuddly toys.

Our online store allows you to add an individual and free greeting card or a video message with just one click. In addition, a delicacy - such as chocolates - can also be included.

Thus, the florists of our shipping hand-tied lilies as a high-quality gift. Have lilies delivered with 7-days-freshness-promise. With or without a gift, a bouquet of lilies is beautiful.

Buy lilies

Lilium is the flower of the month of June. In summer, it is in full bloom and is available in the different colors and varieties. With us you can find the cut flower in white, pink, or orange. In addition to bouquets of lilies, we also offer a wide range of bouquets in which the popular flower plays a supporting role.

By the way, lilies have a very sweet and intense scent. Did you know? By carefully removing some of the large pollen, you can even reduce their scent.

Our favorite lily bouquets

With their fragrant blooms, lilies are welcome guests in flower arrangements. For this reason, we can understand if you find it difficult to choose the most suitable bouquet. Therefore, we are happy to tell you our top 3 lily bouquets.

White lilies bouquet

You like it clean and chic? Then our bouquet of white lilies is just the right choice for you or your loved ones. With bright white lilies, grasses and modern eucalyptus, this bouquet is sure to impress.

The white leaves of the lilies combined with the mint green of the eucalyptus make this bouquet a real feast for the eyes, suitable for many occasions. Whether as a gift to mother or grandma. As a birthday gift or as a gift for Valentine's Day - because the white lily stands for love.

Condolence greetings can also be expressed with this bouquet.

Bouquet Pink Lilies

Our bouquet of pink lilies is a fragrant and radiant summer bouquet that will put you in a good mood. With a beautiful color gradient from pink to pink, the bouquet brings a tropical feeling to your four walls.

This bouquet is suitable for any joyful occasion. Whether it's a birthday gift, Grandma's Day, Mother's Day or just because. Pink lilies are always nice to look at and provide joy and bright eyes.

Tip: If you find the flowers too smelly, you can cut out their stamens, then their smell won't be quite as present.

Bouquet Champagnertraum

You want to give a mixed bouquet with lilies playing the leading role? Then our bouquet Champagnertraum is exactly the right one for you.

Classic white flowers like roses, snapdragons, lisianthus, allium and especially lilies will convince you. Due to this combination, the bouquet looks very noble and stylish.

We recommend you our bouquet for special occasions, such as a round birthday, a special anniversary or a wedding anniversary.

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