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  1. Calathea Trio | 30-50 cm | ø 14 cm | Crimson Red, Beauty Star, Medalion
    Calathea Trio | 30-50 cm | ø 14 cm | Crimson Red, Beauty Star, Medalion
    Special Price €32.95 Regular Price €59.95
  2. Pflanzen-Set luftreinigende Pflanzenfreunde (Einblatt, Areca-Palme, Goldtüpfelfarn)
    Air-purifying Plant Friends + Free Planter | 45 - 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Monocot, Areca Palm, Golden Stipple Fern
    Special Price €57.95 Regular Price €68.85
  3. Monstera pertusum XL
    Monstera Pertusum XL incl. Planting Stick | +/- 100-110 cm | ø 24 cm | Window Leaf
  4. Glückskastanie XXL (Pachira aquatica, 160 cm)
    Money Tree XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 24 cm | Pachira aquatica
  5. Luftreinigendes Trio (Areca, Pachira, Monstera)
    Air Purifying Trio | Monstera, Money tree, Areca Palm
    Special Price €59.95 Regular Price €67.75
  6. Glückskastanie (Pachira, 60cm) + gratis Topf
    Money Tree + Free Pot |+/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Pachira
  7. Farn-Trio (Streifenfarn, Nestfarn, Geweihfarn)
    Fern Trio + Free Planter | 25 - 30 cm | ø 12 cm | Striped Fern, Nest Fern, Antler Fern
    Special Price €36.95 Regular Price €45.95
  8. Monstera (50 cm)
    Monstera + Free Pot | +/- 50 cm | ø 14 cm | Window Leaf
  9. Air-purifying Duo | Monstera and Money Tree + Free Pots | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm
    Air-purifying Duo | Monstera and Money Tree + Free Pots | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm
    Special Price €44.95 Regular Price €47.90
  10. Goldfruchtpalme bestellen
    Gold Fruit Palm + Free Planter | +/- 60 cm | ø 17cm | Areca-Palm
  11. Glückskastanie (Pachira, 90-100 cm)
    Money Tree | +/- 90-100 cm | ø 21 cm | Pachira
  12. Flamingoblume Rot (Anthurie, 30 cm) mit Glasvase
    Flamingo Flower Red + Glass Vase | +/- 30 cm | ø 12 cm | Anthurium
  13. Einblatt (Spathiphyllum, 60 cm) + gratis Topf
    Monocot + Free Pot | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Spathiphyllum
  14. Philodendron (White Wave, 30 cm)
    Philodendron + Free Planter | +/- 30 cm | ø 12 cm | White Wave
  15. Baum Aloe
    Tree Aloe + Free Pot | +/- 30 cm | ø 15 cm | Aloe Arborescens
  16. 2er-Set Monstera (Fensterblatt, 50cm)
    Set of 2 Monstera | +/- 50 cm | ø 14 cm | Window Leaf
    Special Price €34.95 Regular Price €39.90
  17. Zamie verschenken
    Lucky Feather + Free Pot | +/- 70 cm | ø 17 cm | Zamioculcas / Zamie
  18. Two Areca Palms (60 cm) + Two Free Pots
    Two Areca Palms (60 cm) + Two Free Pots
  19. Yucca-Palme (Palmlilie, 2-stämmig, 90 cm)
    Yucca Palm (2 stems) | +/- 80 cm | ø 17 cm | Palm Lily
  20. Strelitzia XL | +/-  120 cm | ø 24  cm | Strelicia Nicolai
    Strelitzia XL | +/- 120 cm | ø 24 cm | Strelicia Nicolai
  21. Drachenbaum (Dracaena marginata, 70 cm) + gratis Topf
    Dragon Tree + Free Pot | +/- 70 cm | ø 17 cm | Dracaena Marginata
  22. Philodendron (Imperial Red, 45 cm) + gratis Topf
    Philodendron + Free Pot | +/- 45 cm | ø 17 cm | Imperial Red
  23. Lanzenblättrige Korbmarante (Calathea lancifolia, 70 cm)
    Lance-leaved Basket Marante + Free Planter | +/- 70 cm | ø 17 cm | Calathea Lancifolia
  24. Pfauen-Korbmarante (Calathea makoyana, 60 cm)
    Peacock Basket Marante + Free Planter | +/- 60 cm | ø 18 cm | Calathea Makoyana
  25. Korbmarante (Calathea orbifolia, 60 cm)
    Basket Marante | +/- 70 cm | ø 19 cm | Calathea Orbifolia
  26. Korbmarante (Calathea compactstar, 70 cm)
    Basket Marante + Free Planter | +/- 70 cm | ø 17 cm | Calathea Compactstar
  27. Monstera deliciosa XL (Fensterblatt, 85 cm)
    Monstera Deliciosa XL | +/- 85 cm | ø 21 cm | Window Leaf
  28. Luftreinigendes Duo (Strelitzie, Philodendron Green Imperial)
    Air Purifying Duo + Free Pots | +/- 55 cm | ø 17 cm | Strelitzia, Philodendron Green Imperial
  29. Drachenbaum (Dracaena marginata, 120 cm)
    Dragon Tree | +/- 120 cm | ø 21 cm | Dracaena Marginata
  30. Goldfruchtpalme XXL (Areca-Palme, 150 cm)
    Gold Fruit Palm XXL | +/- 140-150 cm | ø 24 cm | Areca Palm
  31. Kentia Palm XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 21 cm | Howea Forsteriana
    Kentia Palm XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 21 cm | Howea Forsteriana
    Special Price €52.95 Regular Price €74.95
  32. Kletter-Philodendron XXL (Philodendron scandens, 160 cm)
    Climbing Philodendron XXL | +/- 120-130 cm | ø 24 cm | Philodendron scandens

Air purifying plants for your home

Did you know? Some plants not only provide oxygen, but also actively have an air purifying effect.

That means these particular houseplants provide cleaner and fresher air in the home. These natural air fresheners are the perfect office plants, but are also popular for the living room and bedroom. But how exactly do these plants "work"? And what are the best air-purifying houseplants now?

Clean air thanks to selected plants

The air-purifying plants in this category have been scientifically proven to have health benefits. These selected plants create a healthy and pleasant living and indoor environment through several effects. The well-being and productivity in the workplace, living room, bedroom or children's room are increased and diseases are actually reduced.

Which plant purifies the air? Whether basket marante, lucky feather, monstera, pilea or ferns. These plants have one thing in common: they are air-purifying plants and thus create a good indoor climate.

Air-purifying plants bring noticeable benefits

Which houseplants are good for air quality? Which plants are best if you want to remove pollutants from indoor air? In this category, you'll find the range of wonderful "air purifiers".

Five benefits of air-purifying plants

  1. Plants in the bedroom can improve sleep. However, don't forget to dust your houseplant regularly.
  2. Evergreen houseplants humidify indoor air and create a comfortable indoor environment.
  3. Plants increase our mental well-being. This has actually been scientifically proven.
  4. Green plants increase creativity and lower your stress level.
  5. Plants provide a better room sound in an open-plan office.

Our recommendations: Air-purifying plants for your bedroom and office

You don't have to have a green thumb if you want to stock up on plants with air-purifying properties. Here, we show you which plants have the best air-purifying effects and which are the most popular houseplants in general.

Filtering pollutants from the air in the office and at work: Here we recommend you to use a set of different plants. Our air-purifying plant trio consists of different sized plants that are best suited for rooms with a lot of technology.

Increase humidity in the room: You don't need a green thumb for this great plant. The lucky feather creates a pleasant atmosphere and filters pollutants from the air. It doesn't need to be watered often and is super easy to care for.

Most popular houseplant: if you want to go for trendy air purifiers, you'll love the monstera and the pilea set.

Air purifying effect in the bedroom: The Calathea feels most at home in bedrooms and provides a great indoor climate with its large leaves. Important: Regular dusting and watering.

Natural air freshener

Every houseplant produces oxygen, but not all houseplants have an air-purifying effect. However, there is one group of houseplants that scientists have proven contribute to cleaner air in the home.

These plants absorb pollutants from the air through their leaves. These harmful substances are then stored and broken down in the plant or root. Air-purifying houseplants convert CO2 into oxygen during the day and add water vapor to the air, which improves humidity.

In addition, air-purifying houseplants can break down "bad odors." So they are a kind of natural air freshener. These houseplants improve the indoor climate in your home, making you feel more comfortable and able to work more concentrated. Ideal if you often work from home.

Sleep better

Do you regularly stare at the ceiling when you should be sleeping in? Then we can imagine that you've already tried everything:

"good night tea," melatonin, no phones in the bedroom, counting sheep - Doesn't it all help? The solution seems to be simpler and more environmentally friendly than you might think. The plants in this category promote a peaceful night's sleep (and make a bit of a statement on your nightstand, too ).

Filter pollutants

Indoor pollutants that impact health are many and varied:

Formaldehyde, benzene, TCE, airborne biological contaminants, carbon monoxide, pesticides. These pollutants have been shown to contribute to pathologies that can cause symptoms such as allergies, headaches, and fatigue. Through studies conducted by NASA, scientists have identified houseplants that remove many of the above pollutants.

But let's not paint the devil on the wall. Our air-purifying plants can help make you feel even better at home. Order air-purifying plants with free planter now!

Clean air in the house

Our homes are so well insulated that we are more likely to experience dry air in our rooms. Unhealthy air in the home can lead to ailments such as headaches, sleep disorders, skin conditions and lung problems (asthma). As we spend more and more time indoors, it is important to take this into consideration.

For a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, good air quality plays a major role, in addition to temperature and sufficient daylight. Sufficient ventilation is of course important for the indoor climate, but plants can also help. Moreover, they not only help to improve the air quality, but also make your apartment a real home.

But which plants are best for the indoor climate? Especially air-purifying are monstera, lucky feathers, lucky chestnuts, areca palms, ferns and wicker maraniums.

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