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Modern, fresh and varying according to the season - that's what wildflower bouquets are. While you can find flower bouquets of all kinds on our main page "Flowers", you can select the most beautiful wildflowers for you on this page. Decorated with grasses and ferns, wildflower bouquets spread joy and bring a certain sparkle to your home. A wildflower arrangement is often colourful and is arranged at different heights to create a natural look. In general, the beauty of these flower combinations represents vitality and celebration. That's why this assortment is wonderful for birthdays, as a friendship greeting, for moving houses, for a graduation, or "just because". When you order a bouquet of wildflowers, you are sending good cheer. Send pure nature: Send a wildflower bouquet.

Flowers as fresh from the field

Our wildflower bouquets are a visual highlight. Our flowers bloom in the most beautiful colours at your home and look as if they were freshly picked from a summer meadow. Our florists tie these wild arrangements as shown and ship them fresh. Our wildflowers are just the right choice for flower lovers.

Colorful and wild - it's easy to order the right bouquet

Do you already know our wildflower bouquet Thousand Colors? This beautiful flower bouquet combines delicate and wild tones. If you like vintage, you will love this floral arrangement. The length of the flowers is approx. 70 cm. This flower bouquet looks like it was picked wild and scores points with its long-lasting freshness and its magnificent flowers.

Would you like to give it as a gift?

If you would like to give the flowers as a gift, once you have chosen one or more bouquets, your loved ones can be given an additional treat by personalising the flower gift with the help of a small extra. Our online shop allows you to add a greeting card or vase with just one click. In addition, a delicacy - such as chocolates - can also be included. Add the finishing touch to your floral greeting - browse through our "Gifts" selection!

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