Wildflower Bouquets

Send colorful bouquets of wildflowers

Set Descending Direction
  1. Flower Bouquet Sonniger Tag
    Flower Bouquet Sonniger Tag
  2. Feldblumenstrauß Sommerwiese
    Wildflower Bouquet Sommerwiese
    As low as €25.95
  3. Wildflower Bouquet Sonnenaufgang
    Wildflower Bouquet Sonnenaufgang
  4. Feldblumenstrauß Farbenmeer
    Wildflower Bouquet Farbenmeer
    As low as €26.95
  5. Wildflower Bouquet Sommernachtstraum
    Wildflower Bouquet Sommernachtstraum
    As low as €24.95
  6. Wildflower Bouquet Abendsonne
    Wildflower Bouquet Abendsonne
    As low as €25.95
  7. Flower Bouquet Boho
    Flower Bouquet Boho
  8. Blumenstrauß Glücksbringer
    Flower Bouquet Glücksbringer
  9. Wiesenstrauß Nelia XL
    Meadow Bouquet Nelia XL
  10. Wiesenstrauß Rosanna XL
    Meadow Bouquet Rosanna XL
  11. Meadow Flower Bouquet Clara XXL
    Meadow Flower Bouquet Clara XXL
  12. Big Flower Bouquet Regenbogen XXL
    Big Flower Bouquet Regenbogen XXL
  13. Flower Bouquet Sonnige Farbenpracht
    Flower Bouquet Sonnige Farbenpracht
  14. Flower Bouquet Strahlende Sonnengrüße
    Flower Bouquet Strahlende Sonnengrüße
  15. 10 Sonnenblumen
    Flower Bouquet Sunflowers (10 Flowers)
  16. Sonnenblumen (20 Stück)
    Flower Bouquet Sunflowers (20 Flowers)
  17. Freesienstrauß Lina
    Freesia Bouquet Lina
  18. Blumenstrauß Tausendfarben
    Flower Bouquet Tausendfarben
  19. Blumenstrauß Lieblingsmensch XXL
    Flower Bouquet Lieblingsmensch XXL
  20. Romantischer Wildblumenstrauß
    Romantic Wildflower Bouquet
  21. Blumenstrauß Südwind
    Flower Bouquet Südwind
  22. Blumenstrauß Sonnenzauber
    Flower Bouquet Sonnenzauber
  23. Wiesenstrauß Merina
    Meadow Bouquet Merina
  24. Sommerstrauß Gute Laune XL
    Summer Bouquet Gute Laune XL

Send wildflower bouquet

Our florists tie the wild bouquets as shown and give them fresh for shipping, so they can reach the recipient in no time.

Our field flowers are just the right choice for flower lovers

Be enchanted by our modern bouquets and send sunny vibes to your loved ones. 

Flowers like fresh from the field

Our field flower bouquets are a visual highlight and bring summer into your home.

The flowers bloom at your home in the most beautiful colors and look like freshly picked from a summer meadow or the edge of the field.

Order and send field flower bouquets online

Modern, fresh and varying according to the season - these are our wildflower bouquets. With radiant flowers, these modern bouquets add a breath of fresh air to your table decor. Adorned with grasses and ferns, field flower bouquets exude joy and bring a certain effervescence to your home. 

A wildflower bouquet is often colorful and finished in varying heights to create a natural look. Generally, the beauty of these bouquets represents vitality and joy of celebration. 

That's why they are wonderful for birthdays, as a friendship greeting, for moving, or "just because." When you order a bouquet of field flowers, you are sending good cheer. Send pure nature: Send a bouquet of field flowers.

Colorful and wild - It's easy to order the right bouquet of flowers

Do you already know our meadow bouquet Nelia XL? This beautiful bouquet combines delicate and strong tones. If you like vintage, you will love our bouquet Nelia XL. Equipped with delphinium, lisianthus, bellflowers, chamomile and roses, it will cause admiration. 

The length of the flowers is about 70 cm. This bouquet looks like it was picked wild and scores with its long-lasting freshness and gorgeous blooms.

Bouquet in modern - send field flowers

Our wildflowers come in a wide range of colors and varieties. For example, delphinium surprises as a blue field flower in your bouquets and thus provides a colorful accent. Sunflowers or snapdragons are also part of the game, to shine in your field flower bouquets to the bet. 

Rounding out our field flower bouquets is chamomile, which provides bright highlights within your field flower bouquets. Another flower is thistle, which draws attention in many field flower bouquets. 

However, in our modern bouquets you can also find classics like roses, gerbera or lisianthus, which help to lighten up the bouquet.

A gift to go with it?

You want to upgrade your flower greeting and give your loved ones an additional pleasure? In our online store you will find several ways to do this. In addition to your bouquet of field flowers, send chocolate, a cuddly toy or a cute gift mug. A matching vase can also be sent with your bouquet. 

Make your gift more personal by leaving a lovely greeting on the free greeting card or in the video message. 

Put the finishing touches on your floral greeting now!

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