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Whether colorful or monochromatic bouquets or plants, you can please everyone, whether friend or girlfriend. From a small table arrangement to an evergreen plant, everything is allowed as a gift on Friendship Day.Besides, you can also easily, place your order online, should you not be able to face your loved ones in person and this goes like this:

  • Choose a suitable gift.
  • Send a funny greeting or your gratitude with a free greeting card.
  • Fill in the correct shipping address of the recipient.
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  • Choose your preferred payment method.

Within a few minutes, you have placed your order. Easy & convenient flower delivery with!

Celebrate Friendship Day with us!

Celebrate friendship day and show how important your friends are to you. Tell them how happy you are to have them by your side with our selection of friendship day flowers. The special bond between two friends is exactly the reason why people celebrate Friendship Day on 07/30 every year. A whole day to express the appreciation to your friends that you feel. In this case, you can express your affection through kind words, nice presents or a dinner invitation. However, friendship day is not only to celebrate the personal connection between two people, but also the friendship between countries and cultures.

The origin of Friendship Day is in 1958 in Paraguay, where a group of friends founded the initiative "Cruzada Mundial de la Amistad". In 2011, the day was also marked by the United Nations as the "International Day of Friendship" and will be celebrated every year worldwide from then on.

Blumen im Zeichen der Freundschaft senden

Es ist so weit der Tag der Freundschaft steht vor der Tür, denn diesen feiert man weltweit am 30.07.. Wieso daher nicht deiner besten Freundin oder deinem besten Freund ein Geschenk zu kommen lassen?

Our 5 favorite friendship bouquets

If you are now wondering which friendship bouquet or plant is the best, we have the answer for you here. We would like to share with you our favorite flower bouquets for your friends: 

  1. Peruvian Lilies
    Peruvian lilies represent friendship, connection and affection. Perfect, then, for the occasion, as they express everything you'd want in a friendship bouquet. Because the flowers are slow to open, your best friend will be able to enjoy them for longer.
  2. Lisianthus
    Would you like to express your appreciation in the form of flowers? Then the lisianthus flower is the appropriate choice for your endeavor. It will perfectly capture or radiate your gratitude towards your friends.
  3. Sunflowers
    With its vibrant yellow color, the sunflower radiates warmth that will brighten up your friend's house or apartment. Moreover, the sunflower represents joy and also happiness, which is very fitting for the occasion.
  4. Hydrangea
    Whether in a bouquet or as a plant, the hydrangea is the perfect gift to simply say thank you. And wasn't that just the point of the day? The gratitude you show your friends for coming into your life?
  5. Orchids
    The orchid is an elegant and noble flower that stands for admiration. We think this makes it a good gift for Friendship Day, after all, who doesn't admire their friends?
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