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  1. Ananas-Pflanze
    Pineapple Plant + Free Pot | +/- 40-50 cm | ø 15 cm | Ananas comosus
  2. Two Areca Palms (60 cm) + Two Free Pots
    Two Areca Palms (60 cm) + Two Free Pots
  3. Calathea Trio | 30-50 cm | ø 14 cm | Crimson Red, Beauty Star, Medalion
    Calathea Trio | 30-50 cm | ø 14 cm | Crimson Red, Beauty Star, Medalion
    Special Price €32.95 Regular Price €59.95
  4. Farn-Trio (Streifenfarn, Nestfarn, Geweihfarn)
    Fern Trio + Free Planter | 25 - 30 cm | ø 12 cm | Striped Fern, Nest Fern, Antler Fern
    Special Price €36.95 Regular Price €45.95
  5. Korbmarante (Calathea compactstar, 70 cm)
    Basket Marante + Free Planter | +/- 70 cm | ø 17 cm | Calathea Compactstar
  6. Pfauen-Korbmarante (Calathea makoyana, 60 cm)
    Peacock Basket Marante + Free Planter | +/- 60 cm | ø 18 cm | Calathea Makoyana
  7. Lanzenblättrige Korbmarante (Calathea lancifolia, 70 cm)
    Lance-leaved Basket Marante + Free Planter | +/- 70 cm | ø 17 cm | Calathea Lancifolia
  8. Korbmarante (Calathea orbifolia, 60 cm)
    Basket Marante | +/- 70 cm | ø 19 cm | Calathea Orbifolia
  9. Streifenfarn (Asplenium parvati, 25 cm) + gratis Topf
    Striped Fern + Free Pot | +/- 25 cm | ø 12 cm | Asplenium Parvati
  10. Geweihfarn (Platycerium, 25 cm) + gratis Topf
    Staghorn Fern + Free Pot | +/- 25 cm | ø 12 cm | Platycerium
  11. Glückskastanie (Pachira, 60cm) + gratis Topf
    Money Tree + Free Pot |+/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Pachira
  12. Goldfruchtpalme bestellen
    Gold Fruit Palm + Free Planter | +/- 60 cm | ø 17cm | Areca-Palm
  13. Glückskastanie XXL (Pachira aquatica, 160 cm)
    Money Tree XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 24 cm | Pachira aquatica
  14. Efeutute XXL (Epipremnum Aureum, 130 cm)
    Golden Pothos XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 24 cm | Epipremnum Aureum
  15. Goldfruchtpalme XXL (Areca-Palme, 150 cm)
    Gold Fruit Palm XXL | +/- 140-150 cm | ø 24 cm | Areca Palm
  16. Kentia Palm XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 21 cm | Howea Forsteriana
    Kentia Palm XXL | +/- 130-140 cm | ø 21 cm | Howea Forsteriana
    Special Price €52.95 Regular Price €74.95
  17. Glückskastanie (Pachira, 90-100 cm)
    Money Tree | +/- 90-100 cm | ø 21 cm | Pachira
  18. Zwei Zwergpfeffer (Peperomia obtusifolia, 30 cm) + gratis DUO-Topf
    Two dwarf peppers + free DUO pot | +/- 30 cm | ø 12 cm | Peperomia obtusifolia
  19. Zwerg-Essbanane / Bananenstaude (Dwarf cavendish, 100 cm)
    Dwarf plantain / banana tree | +/- 100 cm | ø 21 cm | Dwarf cavendish

Buy animal-friendly plants

Who does not know it, for his animal friend you would do everything. Therefore, you should also consider him in the planning of his Urban Jungle and make sure that you preferably use animal-friendly instead of poisonous houseplants. Order pet-friendly plants online now and have them delivered.

Are there plants that are generally toxic to cats or dogs?

In general, there is no set rule of thumb for which plants are particularly toxic to your flying or four-legged friend. However, it can be said that you should use plants with flowers with caution. Orchids or flamingo flowers, for example, are rather unsuitable for your animal buddy's diet. Also, for example, the monocot or spathiphyllum called, is not suitable as a snack for your pet because of the oxalic acid.

You did decide on a plant with flowers? No problem, just make sure that it gets a location out of reach of your animals.

You can do this well with a hanging basket, for example. This offers you the possibility to drape the plants far away from your animal. This is not only practical, but also looks good.

How do I place my pet-friendly plants?

Should you now have found a non-toxic houseplant, the next question soon arises. How do I position my Urban Jungle so that it is as safe as possible from attacks by your animal friend? Make sure you choose the right location.

Your pet-friendly houseplants shouldn't exactly be placed on small wobbly shelves or tables, so your animals don't have to fear an aerial attack. Therefore, find a place where your plants have a firm footing. In addition, your plants should be in a place where your pet can't drop it.

Furthermore, you can help your plants to stand securely with heavy pots, such as clay pots.

What should you look for when buying plants?

You want to prove your green thumb, but do not want to poison your dog, if he should nibble on the new plants? Our tip is to find out in advance whether the plants you have chosen are suitable for animals at home.

Our top 3 pet-friendly plants

From large to small plants, overall there are many plants that you can put up carefree. Therefore, in our top 3 pet-friendly plants, we have something for every size.

1. Peacock basket marante (Calathea Makoyana, 85 cm)

She'll bring that Brazilian flair to your home. With her, you have a pet-friendly addition to your Urban Jungle. But not only that, with its imposing leaf pattern it attracts all eyes.

However, the Calathea is not a particularly low-maintenance plant. It likes a warm place and wants high humidity. Its soil should always be moist, but not wet. Its appearance, however, rewards all the work.

2. Golden fruit palm (Areca palm)

Are you looking for an air-purifying houseplant that your pets can also benefit from? Then try the gold fruit palm! But not only that, the golden fruit palm also brings a vacation feeling into your home.

The care of the golden fruit palm is particularly simple. It needs a little water once a week and prefers a semi-shaded location.

3. Striped fern (Asplenium Parvati, 25 cm) + free pot

You don't have much space left, but still want a new houseplant that won't make your pussycat uncomfortable? Then our striped fern is the right choice for you! It also brings a tropical feel to your home with its appearance.

The Asplenium is especially suitable for people without a green thumb or plant beginners, because it is easy to care for. It likes a shady place and is therefore also suitable for darker rooms. Furthermore, you should water your striped fern every five to seven days.

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