Lisianthus flower delivery

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What is Lisianthus?

Lisianthus is a flower of the gentian genus with many names.

The scientific name of Lisianthus flowers is actually Eustoma. Originally from North America, this precious flower has been admired since time immemorial. Due to its popularity among Japanese gardeners, the cut flower is often referred to as Japan Rose, in addition to the name Eustoma. The large cut flower forms several flowers in bright colors at the ends of the stems.Each stem usually bears five flowers each. Eustoma is therefore versatile in every way. It bears several flowers per stem, shines in many different colors, and is known as both eustoma, lisianthus, Japanese rose, and prairie gentian.Learn more about this beautiful and blooming flower in our flower blog.

Have lisianthus delivered

Beautiful Lisianthus bouquets can be delivered by on the next day throughout Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. If you want to sweeten the day for yourself or someone else, a fresh bunch of lisianthus is just the thing. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just because, our stunning Eustoma bouquets are guaranteed to impress. At, we often tie the beautiful blooms of Lisianthus flowers into our fresh bouquets. In doing so, our professional florists love to take the cut flower to add accents to mixed bouquets.

Combined with other flowers, eustoma blooms always add a touch of extra elegance to the overall look. We ship the Eustoma fresh on the day. Thus, the quality of each bouquet is guaranteed. That's why we guarantee a 7-day freshness promise for the Japanese rose, as we do for all our other flowers. Order Lisianthus online and enjoy fresh flowers for a whole week.

How to make your Lisianthus last extra long

You want to know how you can enjoy your beautiful Lisianthus bouquet for a long time? We tell you what you should take care of:

  • Use a sharp knife to cut your bouquet.
  • A must: remove excess leaves. This is because they cause the water to become contaminated, so your flowers will wilt faster.
  • Use a clean vase with fresh water as well as the cut flower food that we provide with each bouquet. Also, clean the vase regularly and change the water.
  • Do not place your bouquet on the windowsill above the heater or near other heat sources.

When can you buy Lisianthus?

Generally speaking, many species of Japanese rose are available year-round, so you don't have to miss out on this beautiful bloom in your bouquet.

However, occasionally there are species that are only available in the summer months of June, July and August.

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