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Set Descending Direction
  1. Blumenstrauß Victoria
    Flower Bouquet Victoria
  2. Flower Bouquet Feuriger Herbst
    Flower Bouquet Feuriger Herbst
  3. Modern Hydrangea Bouquet
    Modern Hydrangea Bouquet
  4. Flower Bouquet Edler Herbstgruß
    Flower Bouquet Edler Herbstgruß
  5. Biedermeierstrauß Glücksgefühl
    Biedermeier Bouquet Glücksgefühl
  6. Biedermeierstrauß Freude
    Biedermeier Bouquet Freude
  7. Flower Bouquet Hortensienzauber
    Flower Bouquet Hortensienzauber
  8. Biedermeierstrauß Hortensie
    Biedermeier Bouquet Hydrangea
  9. Flower Bouquet Sonniger Tag
    Flower Bouquet Sonniger Tag
  10. Flower Bouquet Ruby
    Flower Bouquet Ruby
  11. Flower Bouquet Wunderwelt
    Flower Bouquet Wunderwelt
    Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €42.95
  12. Flower Bouquet Hortensien-Liebe
    Flower Bouquet Hortensien-Liebe
  13. Blumenstrauß Lieblingsmensch XXL
    Flower Bouquet Lieblingsmensch XXL
  14. Blumenstrauß Hortensien XXL
    Flower Bouquet Hydrangeas XXL
  15. Biedermeierstrauß Freude + Merci Finest Selection
    Biedermeier Bouquet Freude + Merci Finest Selection
  16. Hortensie Rosa Magical Revolution (Hydrangea, 40 cm) + gratis Topf
    Hydrangea Pink Magical Revolution + Free Pot | +/- 30 cm | ø 12 cm | Hydrangea
  17. Hortensie im Topf blau
    Hydrangea Blue Magical Revolution + Free Pot | +/- 30 cm | ø 12 cm | Hydrangea
Order an hydrangea bouquet Order an hydrangea bouquet

Order hydrangea bouquet

With their countless flowers and colors hydrangeas enchant us every year again. Especially in summer and autumn bouquets, the flowers are often used to create a highlight. Make your loved ones or yourself happy now and order a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas.

Meaning hydrangea

Hydrangea stands for gratitude, grace and beauty because this flower captivates with a lush head, which consists of many small flowers. Depending on the color, hydrangea can also stand for love and peace.

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