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In our section "flower variety" you will find among the hydrangeas the most beautiful flower bouquets in which our florists have included your favorite flower. A bouquet of hydrangea in a vase is lush and colorful in all kinds of colors. The blossom of the summer and autumn flower can grow to a diameter of up to 25 centimetres and consists of many small petals. Hydrangeas bloom in bright colors such as white, pink, purple, green and blue in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year hydrangea blooms in autumn colors such as brown, dark red or even multicolored. Because of this variety, a Hydrangea Flower Bouquet is perfect for every flower lover. Our florists hand-tie the arrangements and incorporate the most beautiful hydrangea. Scroll through our Hydrangea Flower Bouquet and find the perfect fit for you. 

Order a Flower Bouquet with Big Hydrangeas

With us, you can order big hydrangeas online and beautify your home with a fresh autumn bouquet. Do you want to have the hydrangea bouquet delivered or give it as a gift? No problem! We will take care of shipping the flowers on your desired delivery date.
Order your preferred flower arrangement and we will deliver big hydrangeas in the most beautiful colors to your home or to the recipient of your choice. Giving hydrangeas as a gift is a lot of fun. When was the last time you gave joy as a gift? It's easy because we send our bouquets exactly as shown in the photos. Don't forget to use our free greeting card when placing your order to write a lovely message and put a smile on your loved one's face.
Let flowers speak for you. Order a flower bouquet with big hydrangeas.

Flower of the Month September

Huge blooms in white, pink or blue slowly change to muted autumn tones, heralding late summer. Hydrangeas are the most popular flowers of the month. As summer slowly transitions into fall, our Flower of the Month for September is in full and giant bloom. The beautiful flower with countless blooms heralds the end of summer and brings one last splash of color to our gardens and front yards, as the hydrangea slowly changes color to beautiful autumnal hues. Our florists will tie the most beautiful hydrangeas into fresh cut flower bouquets for you, adding an autumnal touch. Order the flower of the month September and have it delivered!

Origin of the hydrangea

Did you know? The botanical name of the hortensia is Hydrangea. Hydrangea originates from Asia and also has South American roots. Today it can be found in many gardens and also makes an excellent door wreath. With us, you can order fresh hydrangea in a bouquet tied by florists online.

The symbolism of hydrangeas in a flower bouquet

Hydrangea stands for gratitude, grace and beauty because this flower captivates with a lush head, which consists of many small flowers. The colors of hydrangeas symbolize love and peace. For this reason, the flower is often found as a decoration at weddings. As a table decoration, church decoration and in the bridal bouquet this flower looks beautiful.

Gift a Hydrangea Bouquet

We are here for you if you want to surprise your loved ones with a bouquet of hydrangeas or do not have time to visit the florist around the corner. In addition to fresh-cut flowers, we have many gift ideas ready for you. You can order a bouquet of hydrangea flowers and choose high-quality chocolates, a birthday mug or a cuddly toy. Gift a beautiful vase so that the birthday boy or girl can immediately take care of your beautiful gift and provide it with water. Thus, the hydrangeas for a birthday, wedding anniversary or as a get-well bouquet will be insanely well received by the recipient. A bouquet of hydrangeas is sure to delight! Who are you going to surprise with our beautiful flower bouquet?

How to take care of your beautiful Hydrangea Bouquet?

We can provide you with some tips when you have received your hydrangea flower bouquet. We include our care instruction and cut flower fertilizer with every order, but we've bundled all the care tips for you again here: Cut the stems of the hydrangea and remove any leaves on the stems that are in the water. This will help prevent bacteria from forming in the water. You can even put hydrangeas in a whole water bath for a few minutes, as this will help them absorb liquid beautifully and bloom profusely again. By the way, the water should be lukewarm and not too cold. If you have further questions on how to best take care of your beautiful flower arrangement, don't hesitate to contact our customer service.

Have a Hydrangea Bouquet delivered all over Germany

Your friends are getting married and you can't be there on their big day? How about surprising them with a bouquet of hydrangeas delivered to their doorstep? Choose the most beautiful flower bouquet and we will take care of the rest. Having hydrangeas delivered is an ideal gift for a bride and groom, because the hydrangea represents charity and peace, making it a popular wedding flower. This lush flower looks enchanting in pink and as hydrangea bouquet white, but shines especially in purple, pink, or even green - even a blue hydrangea bouquet impresses. We at Blumenshop.com offer you in the summer season a variety of ways to order a hydrangea bouquet throughout Germany. If you wish, you can even send your order to a hospital or company. If you have questions about our delivery service, read our blog entry or contact our customer service. We can't wait to send your Hydrangea Bouquet on its way to a loved one in Germany!

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