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Flowers are a special birthday gift

How would you react? It's your birthday and the doorbell rings. Instead of a birthday card, you receive a package with the inscription " - The best flowers at the best price". Once opened, you look at fresh, colorful flowers - a birthday bouquet. Everyone, even those who would never think of buying flowers, will be happy if among the gifts is a bouquet of birthday flowers.

Send flowers for a birthday to give joy from afar. Nothing says happy birthday as vividly as flowers. Flower greetings are the highlight among birthday gifts and stand out with their color, and fragrance.

A birthday flower bouquet exudes joy and that's what it's all about, isn't it? So you are well advised to send one of our bouquets.

Whether good friends, acquaintances or work colleagues, our online flower delivery has the right birthday flowers in stock. We send a birthday bouquet in cheerful colors, classic, or elegant orientation.

There is something for every birthday celebration. See for yourself! Order a birthday flower greeting now and send joy. A special day, a special gift - flowers.

What flowers to give for a birthday?

A birthday is a happy occasion and that's exactly what the flowers should reflect. We therefore recommend ordering colorful flowers, although the birthday bouquet for men may be more simple than for women. Apart from this tip, all the flowers in this range make excellent birthday gifts. Through a personal message, which can be sent with a free greeting card, or a free video message you can share your congratulations and who likes still uses this to explain the choice of flowers.

For those who are undecided, it is best to direct the style of flowers according to the age of the recipient:

What flowers for the 18th birthday?

For the 18th birthday, the florists recommend something small with lots of color. All colorful bouquets that cost no more than 30 euros are suitable to emphasize the happy occasion without being intrusive. Chocolate is also very popular with younger people.

What flowers for 40th birthday?

For the 40th birthday also recommends something colorful. Here, the size of the gift should correspond to the relationship status. On fleeting acquaintances, a small boququet already works wonders, with good friends it may then be something larger and your own partner is guaranteed to be overwhelmed with a large bouquet.

Which flowers for the 70th birthday?

From 70 years and upwards, classic bouquets are increasingly sent. Here, the most popular flower gift is our premium roses in red or white. Also Biedermeier bouquets in colorful are welcome guests on a birthday in old age.

Send flowers for birthday

Make life more beautiful for the recipient and for yourself: The recipient will receive a beautiful birthday bouquet and you can order the gift easily and conveniently from home.

Because, finding the right birthday gift often turns out to be a difficult task, right? Yet it can be so simple: With a colorful bouquet of birthday flowers. A flower greeting is always wonderful and is nowadays unfortunately often something special. Yet flowers are proven to make people happy - we need more of them... Online!

Use our birthday assortment to give flowers quickly and worry-free via the Internet. Unlike alcohol, electronic devices, perfume and the like, birthday flowers are a safe yet creative gift option. Sending birthday greetings via flower delivery is guaranteed to wish your loved ones an appropriate "Happy Birthday"!

Why do many choose to send birthday flowers by flower delivery? It's simple: makes it easy to send birthday gifts. We send your flower greetings and congratulations safely, on time, nationwide.

Ordering flowers online and sending them by direct mail on your birthday makes life easier. Keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues.

You can schedule all birthday bouquet orders with us in advance. We will then send the gift on the delivery day you specify. This means that if you want to give a gift to more than one person a year, all you have to do is find out their birthdays and order their birthday flowers now.

Once registered in our system, we will send the birthday greetings on time. With fast delivery, all flowers are sent fresh - we give a 7-day freshness promise on that. Have fun with birthday flower bouquet giveaway!

Birthday flowers additional gifts

Colorful bouquets of flowers are what make a birthday a special day. Giving birthday flowers to your loved ones will create a big surprise. Guaranteed. Nevertheless, you have with our online flower delivery of course still the option to put one on it.

Online at you can send a gift to the birthday flowers. We offer you two gift ideas that you can order with your birthday flowers.

Possibility number 1 is to send a written flower greeting by card. Such a birthday card is of course free of charge. We will send the birthday sayings and birthday wishes of your choice on a separately enclosed greeting card. Alternatively, you can personalize your gift with a free video message.

Gift option number 2 is a selection of chocolates, cards, cups, vases or cuddly toys, because who is not happy to receive something sweet or cuddly for your birthday. Or better just choose a beautiful colorful birthday bouquet with congratulatory text or video message? Either way, the surprise we send will be great! Promised.

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