Say sorry with flowers

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Say Sorry with our Flower Bouquets

What would we give that we could be sure would please anyone? With what do we comfort another person or express our feelings? Exactly: with a beautiful flower bouquet! Flowers make us forget everything around us and even neurological studies prove that the sight of flowers lifts the mood enormously.

Floral arrangements accompany people in all cultures, which makes the language of flowers universal. Especially red roses prove to be a fitting apology gift and convey "forgive me". A carefully tied flower bouquet is just the right gift to prove true love to your partner, to apologize and say sorry to a loved one.

We offer a free Greeting Card

Flowers say more than a thousand words. Many people find it easier to speak through a beautiful flower bouquet or roses because the most important thing is already said with fresh flowers. Nonetheless, to say sorry, it is advised to make use of our free greeting card.

Express your love with a nice saying or a poem and put a smile on someone's face. Our tip: As a "forgive me" or apology gift high-quality roses are particularly suitable. If you add a few loving words to our free greeting card or personal video message, you will complete a very special gift.

Flowers and a few kind words

Expressing your apologies to a loved one is easy with our flowers and greeting card:

  1. Place one of our beautiful bouquets in your shopping cart.
  2. Enter the delivery address and your billing address.
  3. Now you have the opportunity to write a few kind words in the free greeting card.
  4. Select your desired delivery date and your preferred payment method.

Apologize with our Flower Delivery Service

With our flower delivery service, it is easy to send fresh and colorful flowers. With us, you will find the most beautiful seasonal flowers, which are hand-tied and delivered in our special shipping box. You will know in advance how the flower bouquet you want to send will look like, as our florists create them as pictured. With our flower delivery service, you can send your loved ones a high-quality bouquet for any occasion: For a birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother's Day or as a convalescence greeting.

Due to a short supply chain, you will receive the best flowers at the best price, because we purchase our flowers directly from the grower. Depending on the season, we ship brand new flower varieties according to the latest trends. Of course, in addition to classically tied bouquets, we deliver lightly tied field flower bouquets or roses. How about surprising the recipient of your choice or yourself with our surprise bouquet in a high-quality shipping box? No matter what you decide: Give joy with our flower delivery service.

Flower gift

If you want to say sorry from a distance, we want to make sure you are doing everything right. We are convinced that you cannot go wrong with a floral greeting, which is why we present you with our flower gift-giving etiquette in the following. 

Do you prefer gerbera, roses or lilies; a white, colorful or red flower bouquet? We offer a wide variety and have the right fit to your liking - choose your preferred flower bouquet for delivery to go with your gift. Our tip: A colorful flower bouquet lets the recipient forget everything and will accept your apologies easily.

Even though flowers speak for themselves, fill out our free greeting card and let your loved one know what you wish him or her. As all our flower gifts are sent anonymously, make sure to sign with your name. That way, the recipient knows immediately who to thank for the beautiful flower arrangement.

If you want to make your gift perfect, send a small present that goes with the flowers. We offer chocolates, vases, a cuddly toy or a mug. Among our flower assortment, you will also find multiple gift sets combining flowers and chocolates at a special price. 

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