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Chrysanthemum as a popular cut flower

Chrysanthemums belonged to the most popular cut flowers and can be found in very many bouquets, because chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors and shapes. The cute flower belongs to the composite plants and originates from East Asia. Chrysanthemums are mainly in season in autumn and winter, but many varieties are available all year round.

Symbolism of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums bring good luck and stand for health. Thus, bouquets with the many colorful flowers are particularly suitable as a gift. Best of all, this flower lasts a very long time and is particularly suitable for shipping, because it is extremely robust. Chrysanthemums delight us from a cute simple flower to double or pompom flowers, because they greatly enhance a bouquet.

Order Chrysanthemums

With us you will find a variety of the cute autumn flower in the most beautiful bouquets. Whether you like it white, pink, green or champagne. The right bouquet is sure to be there. Ordering chrysanthemums online is quite simple and offers you a lot of advantages:

  • The flowers are very robust and are ideally suited for shipping in our high-quality shipping box.
  • You see beforehand what you get. Our bouquets are tied by hand as pictured
  • We ship every bouquet with a 7-day-freshness-promise
  • You can send our free greeting card with the flowers
  • Choose a gift such as chocolate or a gift mug if desired
  • All bouquets are tied by hand and then handed over to our shipping partner DHL
  • Choose your preferred delivery date and decide between standard or express delivery

The little sister of chrysanthemums is called Santini

May we introduce? Chrysanthemums have a little sister called Santini. This cute flower also belongs to the composite family and is mainly available in white, yellow, pink or green. Santini, like chrysanthemums, originated in East Asia and were known there as auspicious flowers, spice and adorned many rooms, flags and festivals. Originally, santini and chrysanthemum were yellow and therefore translated hot "golden flower". Greek origin: chryso means golden and anthemom translates as flower.

Santini as a cut flower

Santini last a long time in the vase and therefore are often included in our bouquets. They come in a wide variety of colors and also in two shapes. They are reminiscent of cute daisies or even pompom-like autumn flowers. If you want to send santini, you can choose from a variety of bouquets. Send Santini to good friends with a small gift like delicious chocolates, a good bottle of wine or a cute soft toy. Depending on the occasion, we have compiled many gift ideas from which you can choose.

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