Red Roses
Set Descending Direction
  1. Rote Rosen - Anzahl ab 10 wählbar (Premium, 60cm)
    Red Roses - Select quantity from 10 on (Premium, 60cm)
  2. 20 rote Rose (40 cm)
    20 Red Roses (40cm)
  3. Rote Rosen mit Schleierkraut - Premium-Rosen (60cm)
    Red Roses with Gypsophila - Premium Roses (60cm)
  4. Rosen auswählbar
    20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100 Red Premium Roses Red Naomi (60cm)
    Starting at €43.80
  5. 40 rote Rosen (40 cm)
    40 Red Roses (40cm)
  6. 100 rote Rosen Upperclass
    100 Roses - Upperclass (50cm)
  7. 100 red Roses Red Naomi
    100 Roses - Premium Roses Red Naomi (60cm)
  8. Blumenstrauß Süße Romanze
    Flower Bouquet Süße Romanze
  9. Freesienstrauß Ronja
    Freesia Bouquet Ronja

Buy or give red roses

The rose, also known as the queen of flowers, is one of the most popular cut flowers within Germany. The most famous rose variety among red roses is Red Naomi Rose. This is a premium rose with an especially large flower head and long stem.

Red Rose Meaning

The meaning of a red rose? Red roses represent love and passion. Therefore, they are often given as a gift to a loved one to whom you want to convey your love. Since red roses are a very romantic symbol, it is only logical that they are also especially popular to give away on Valentine's Day.

Our top 3 red roses

  1. Red Naomi from 20 pieces selectable
    You would like to order red roses with large flowers and long stems? Then this bouquet is just right for you. Selectable from 20 you can expand it up to 100 red roses. This bouquet is also a nice gift idea for Valentine's Day.
  2. Red premium roses with baby's breath
    A bouquet of only red roses is too boring? No problem! Our premium rose bouquet peps up your table decoration with a color mix of red and white and looks especially noble and elegant due to the baby's breath. This bouquet is perfect for anniversaries.
  3. Bouquet Sweet Romance
    You love red roses, but would also like to mix them with other flowers? Then take a look at our Sweet Romance bouquet. This bouquet will win you over with pink lisianthus and snapdragons, red roses and berries, and eucalyptus. This bouquet is the perfect choice for fresh lovers.

The meaning of the number of roses

Did you know that there is also a secret message behind the number of roses you give away?

So 1 red rose means that it was love at first sight or in a longer relationship that your partner is the only one for you. You want to express "I love you" with your roses? Then send 3 or 33 red roses.

Tell your partner with 5 or 10 red roses that he is perfect in your eyes. 15 red roses, on the other hand, you can send if you want to ask for forgiveness.

6 red roses stand for the fact that you would like to belong to him or her. 12 red roses ask if the person receiving the gift would like to be your partner and 24 red roses confirm to the person in your heart that you belong to him or her completely.

You are head over heels in love? Then give away 7 red roses. 9 red roses, on the other hand, stand for eternal love and 20 or 40 red roses for sincere love. 21 red roses convey loyalty and 50 red roses stand for gratitude that your partner is by your side.

However, if you want to send an XXL bouquet of roses, we recommend a bouquet of 100 red Red Naomi roses. This stands for a century in harmony and is especially popular when the question of all questions is to be asked.

Occasions to give red roses

So much is clear, you do not need a special reason to give red roses, because everyone is happy about roses for times just like that. But nevertheless we see red roses at the Valentine's Day particularly often, since these represent the guiding principle for love. Also in the Christmas season red roses can trump, because this time reflects the color of the rose very well.

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