Outdoor Plants
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  1. Olive Tree + Pot | +/- 70 cm | ø 15 cm | Olea Europaea
    Olive Tree + Pot | +/- 70 cm | ø 15 cm | Olea Europaea
  2. Olive Tree XXL | +/- 155 cm | ø 24 cm | Olea Europaea
    Olive Tree XXL | +/- 155 cm | ø 24 cm | Olea Europaea
    Special Price €57.95 Regular Price €77.95
  3. Olive Tree + Pot | +/- 100 cm | ø 21 cm | Olea Europaea
    Olive Tree + Pot | +/- 100 cm | ø 21 cm | Olea Europaea
  4. Zwerg-Essbanane / Bananenstaude (Dwarf cavendish, 100 cm)
    Dwarf plantain / banana tree | +/- 100 cm | ø 21 cm | Dwarf cavendish
  5. Yucca-Palme (Palmlilie, 2-stämmig, 90 cm)
    Yucca Palm (2 stems) | +/- 80 cm | ø 17 cm | Palm Lily
  6. Palmfarn (Cycas revoluta, 60 cm)
    Palm Fern + Free Planter | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Cycas Revoluta

Plants for outside - garden or balcony plants

The weather is getting better and we enjoy spending our time in the fresh air. We see it as a reason to turn your garden or balcony into an oasis of well-being with a few outdoor plants. Whether beautiful flowering garden plants, or exotic balcony plants, with us you can find everything your heart desires. We'll help you decorate your outdoor space green.

What should you keep in mind during the cold season?

In general, you can distinguish between hardy plants and non-hardy plants.

But what does hardy mean? Hardy means that your plants can withstand the winter. For them, cold temperatures, snow and ice are not a big problem. Unfortunately, not all flower beauties for your outdoor area are winter-hardy, which is why you should offer some of them a shelter for wintering.

This includes eucalyptus, for example. This is actually native to Australia and is therefore more accustomed to warmer weather. For this reason, your eucalyptus can only withstand German weather up to a certain temperature, usually -5 degrees. You should therefore offer it some protection in winter and cover it accordingly or give it care in a cool place in your house.

The same applies to olive trees, for example. They originate from the Mediterranean region and are not used to cold temperatures. For this reason, you should provide your olive tree with shelter during the winter.

Bulb plants should be taken out of the ground in time. After you have dug up your bulbs, you can dry them for a day at room temperature. After that, it is best to store them in a wooden box in a cool place.

In the new year you can plant them again. Note, however, that there are some outdoor plants that do not tolerate frost and therefore prefer to be planted after the Ice Saints in mid-May.

Large outdoor plants

Looking for large outdoor plants? Then we have just the right ones for you. In addition to small shrubs, you can also find wonderful stems or small trees for your garden or balcony. We are sure that these will be a real eye-catcher of your outdoor decoration as solitary plants.

Eucalyptus and olive trees are particularly popular among the large plants for your outdoor area. Not only do these look great, but they will refresh you with a wonderful smell while you enjoy your time outside.

Small plants for outside

You don't have much space in your garden or on your balcony? Not so problematic, we also offer you space-saving alternatives to turn your outdoor area into a feel-good oasis. Our eucalyptus bush is especially popular here. With a height of about 70 cm, it is one of the smaller representatives on your balcony.

Somewhat larger is our eucalyptus trunk with about 100 cm, which is still a perfect size if you only have a small balcony or garden. But eucalyptus is not only beautiful to look at, it is also helpful against mosquitoes, as they are not particularly enthusiastic about its scent.

Exotic plants for outside

With us, you can also find real exotics that will gladly move outside with you in the summer. For example, there are houseplants that will gladly follow you outside as soon as the weather gets better.

One of them is the banana plant. In a sheltered spot in your garden or on your balcony, it will enjoy the sun's rays. It also enjoys a little rainwater. In winter, however, you should welcome your banana plant back indoors.

Another houseplant that always likes to find its way outside in the summer is the palm fern. With it, you can give your garden or yours a little Mediterranean feeling, as this plant originally comes from the Mediterranean.

Which plants are good for outside?

Summarized here again our most popular plants for outdoors:

  • Olive trees
  • Eucalyptus bush
  • Eucalyptus stem
  • Banana tree
  • Craspedia
Outdoor Plants Outdoor Plants
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