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One plant is not enough for you? Whether for outdoors like the garden or your balcony or for indoors, with us you can find a colorful variation of already assembled plant packages that will make both your indoor and outdoor area greener. Create a green or colorful oasis of well-being with our plants now!

Indoor plant sets

The choice is great, so deciding is all the more difficult. It's a good thing we've already put together a few sets for you, so you can get discounts on our top-selling plants.

Because did you know that you can save when you buy a houseplant set? Our plant constellations are usually cheaper than if you were to pick out the little plants individually. Great, isn't it?

Apart from the great prices, our houseplant sets also give you the opportunity to buy several popular plants with special properties in one go. For example, you can find air-purifying plants in a set that will help you improve your indoor climate. Pet-friendly plants that you can place near your pet without worrying are also included.

Are you a fern lover? Then we have a beautiful trio for you! With us, you can find a classic striped fern, an evergreen antler fern, and a fancy nest fern.

For people without a green thumb, we have a wonderful beginner's package to take your first steps in the plant world. That's because our low-maintenance plants are suitable for everyone, and they're quite forgiving of care missteps.

Be quick and secure one of our plant packages today.

Garden plant sets

In addition to indoor plant sets, we also offer packages for your garden. For example, you can find garden plant sets to plant yourself. We offer beautiful garden flowers that you can watch grow.

From flowers in pots to beautiful boxes, we let you or your loved ones already pre-pulled bulbs to come. In addition to the bulbs, you will also find the matching planter or box in our sets. In addition, we send enough soil, which already contains fertilizer, and instructions for planting.

In the spring, after the Ice Saints, you can plant our garden plant sets with callas, lilies, freesias or even lucky clover. In summer, on the other hand, we present you other plants that can enrich your autumn.

Balcony plant sets

Also looking for suitable plants to turn your balcony into a colorful and lively oasis? Then you have come to the right place. We offer you beautiful balcony plant sets with blooming flowers in the brightest colors.

For the summer you can find callas in different colors that will spice up your balcony. You can also find beautiful packages with matching balcony boxes.

The best part? We offer you a unique experience with our balcony planting sets. We offer you flower bulbs that you can plant yourself and watch your new green friends grow.

In our sets you will find everything you need to plant your new treasures. From a flower box or a flower pot, to sufficient and already fertilized soil, to instructions on how it works best.

What are you waiting for? Make your balcony green now with our balcony plant sets.

Plant sets on sale

Watch out! With our plant sets you can save money. Because in the set our trendy plants are cheaper than if you buy them individually. So you can save up to 40%. After all, we want to reward you for giving our plants a home.

But why should you buy many plants? It's simple: plants increase your creativity, they reduce stress and relax you. Moreover, your green friends can clean your air, this has even been proven and confirmed by NASA.

Flowers and plants are also great as stylistic elements in your decor, because with them you can set wonderful accents. You can make your rooms more lively.

So be quick and save now on your plant purchase! Ordering plants can be so easy. 

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Save with a plant-setSave with a plant-set
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