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The Monstera - our superstar! Not for nothing is this houseplant our plant of the year. Should you want to expand your Urban Jungle, the Monstera is exactly the right plant for you.

The trendy plant Monstera

With its large green leaves, the Monstera really makes a statement. 

Did you know that the Monstera is also one of the most popular houseplants in Germany? Our recommendation: a clear must for your indoor jungle!

Monstera Care

Water requirement: a lot

Fertilizer: every 1 - 2 weeks

Place: Light but no direct sun light



The most important facts about the Monstera

We address the Monstera, unlike other plants, by its botanical name, because this is also Monstera. However, it is also known by the names window leaf or Swiss cheese plant. Especially the second name alludes to the interesting leaf pattern of the plant. The Monstera has holes in its leaves.

Since the Monstera originated in tropical regions of Central and South America, its leaves form holes so that the lower leaves can also soak up valuable light and thus grow. In its natural environment, the tropics, the monstera can grow up to 20 meters high, where it proves to be more of a climbing plant. 

The leaves of the Monstera can grow up to 90 cm long, depending on the genus, making it a real eye-catcher for your Urban Jungle. 

In fact, the Monstera produces fruits that can be edible. However, we advise against eating the fruits of the Monstera, because they can only be eaten when ripe. Unripe fruits can have a poisonous effect. 

The window leaf not only looks good, it also actively does something for your living environment. It has particularly air-purifying properties and is therefore one of the best air purifiers in the world of houseplants. In the home office, it also helps you relax a bit, recharge your batteries and gives you a creativity boost. 

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The different Monstera species

Overall, there are many different types of the plant beauty. Some are more popular than others and some are rarer to find than others. Therefore, we will introduce you to five different species of Monstera: 

  1. Monstera deliciosa - It is the most popular type of Monstera and therefore can be found especially often indoors. The Monstera deliciosa captivates with its large green leaves, which have the classic holes or even cracks. Buy a Monstera deliciosa now!
  2. Monstera pertusum - Known as the big brother of the Monstera deliciosa, the Monstera pertusum often convinces with its size and the correspondingly large leaves. These also form characteristic holes in the leaves.
  3. Monstera adasonii - This houseplant is also known as Swiss Cheese Vine. Its leaves are smaller and more slender than, the leaves of a Monstera deliciosa. However, the plant called Adansonii or Monkey Leaf also has the typical holes in the leaves.
  4. Monstera obliqua - This type of Monstera is very expensive and rare. Due to its long growing season, there is only a limited occurrence of Monstera obliqua. Unlike other species, it is also more difficult to maintain.
  5. Monstera siltepecana - The Siltepecana convinces with an interesting, two-tone leaf pattern. Thus, it has dark green leaves, which have white veins. In general, however, this species is often smaller than the Monstera deliciosa.

A little fun fact: Did you know that the Monstera Minima does not belong to the Monstera genus at all? It belongs to the Rhaphidophora group. However, it has the same leaf patterns as its big sister, the Monstera deliciosa. The leaves of the Minima are just smaller and narrower than those of the Monstera deliciosa. 

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Important information about Monstera care

Although the window leaf is known as a very low-maintenance houseplant, there are still a few things to keep in mind when caring for the monstera. We will therefore enlighten you: 

How often should I water my monstera? 

You should water your window leaf regularly. However, make sure that there is no waterlogging. The plant does not like this at all. It prefers dryness to wet feet in this case. When watering, you can also use stagnant water or rainwater. 

What is the right location for my Monstera? 

If you are wondering how much light my monstera needs, here is the answer! Your window leaf likes it bright, but does not need direct sunlight. Therefore, it does especially well in bright hallways or living rooms on the windowsill or a plant stand. 

How often should I fertilize my Monstera? 

Your fertilizing schedule will depend on the time of year you are in. From April to August is the growth period of the Monstera, so you can fertilize every 14 days. From September to March, we recommend that you only fertilize your monstera every 4 to 6 weeks.

What soil do I use for my Monstera? 

We will tell you what soil to use when repotting your monstera. Your window leaf likes a humus-rich soil. However, you can generally use regular houseplant soil and add a peat mix here to give your plant the nutrients it needs. However, when repotting, make sure that the soil remains loose and is not pressed down too tightly. 

Should I support my monstera? 

If you have a large monstera, we recommend supporting it to prevent it from breaking off due to its weight. Use a moss stick or a bamboo stick and fix the stems of the monstera to your support.

Should I cut the roots of my Monstera? 

You should not cut back the aerial roots of your monstera at all, this could be resented by your window foliage. However, if the roots bother you, we recommend that you redirect them into the soil. In this way, hanging aerial roots will easily become soil roots. 

What is the best way to remove dust from my Monstera? 

It is advisable to wipe your Monstera from time to time to remove dust and dirt. To do this, moisten a microfiber sheet with a little water and gently wipe the leaves of your Monstera with it. By the way, this also helps to keep pests away from your plant. 

Monstera care mistakes: this is what you should avoid. 

Even though the window leaf is generally considered very easy to care for, there are still care mistakes that should be avoided. We recommend that you do not overwater your monstera, because it does not like waterlogging. The tropical plant also does not like a location that is too cold. The plant reacts to both care errors with a discoloration of the leaves. 

Buy a Monstera now and become a care professional!

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