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A home or office without houseplants? Hardly imaginable! Green splendid houseplants conceal white spots, replace dusty decoration and provide a pleasant room climate.

Fun fact: Houseplants increase our creativity. Proven. So here goes. Take a look around in our world of plants.

Reason enough to take your time and surf through our plant assortment. Palm trees, monstera and trendy plants like the pineapple plant are cool eye-catchers and beautify every room and especially every office or home office. With a look at our green favorites, it's easier to work.

So there are some good reasons for evergreen low-maintenance houseplants. We'll tell you a few here:

  • Plants reduce your stress level (yes, science confirms it).
  • Plants provide a more pleasant room climate
  • Plants increase your creativity
  • Plants are always a suitable gift for almost any occasion.

It is so easy to order houseplants: We offer you a selected assortment of evergreen and low-maintenance houseplants. Beautify your home with palms, ferns and large-leaved plants in a modern planter. By the way, this will be delivered to you with every order.

Our offer includes both easy-care, insensitive and generally undemanding plants such as the bow hemp, which can also stand wonderfully in shady corners. But of course, we also carry more high-maintenance houseplants such as flowering orchids, which we have safely delivered to your home through special fresh packaging. We offer houseplants for every occasion: Houseplants to give away or for your own four walls. Practical: We deliver every houseplant with a matching planter or in a modern glass vase.

Buy houseplants - Use your advantages

With us you will find the most beautiful houseplants for your home. We have robust and uncomplicated houseplants ready. For our houseplants no green thumb is necessary. It is quite uncomplicated:

  • Choose in our assortment your favorite plant also and put it in the shopping cart.
  • Now choose your delivery address or that of the recipient.
  • Enter your desired delivery date and fill out the free greeting card or record a video message.

You can choose from a variety of payment methods and your new houseplant will be safely packed and on its way. It's easy to order your plant online. We take care of the rest.

Our houseplants are all-rounders

Not only do our houseplants filter and purify the air, they also create a pleasant indoor climate and a cozier atmosphere. Houseplants reduce your stress level and even make you more creative. Why not give them a try?

The fast delivery of houseplants

If you order by 3 p.m. and expect delivery tomorrow, your houseplant will be shipped today and delivered to you by our shipping partner DHL. You can also send your plant to a good friend. Just enter your desired recipient and the joy will be great. Promised.

We deliver all over Germany: from Hamburg, via Berlin to Cologne and all the way to Munich. If desired already on the next day. The selection of includes, by the way, Alsocasia with large leaves, dragon tree plants, flamingo flowers, or even rarities such as a pineapple plant.The offer changes, depending on seasonal availability of indoor plants.

Create your Urban Jungle - have modern houseplants delivered

Houseplants are a strong trend. It is impossible to imagine our living rooms without them.

Many different plants look like a very special urban jungle in your home and create a great atmosphere. All our houseplants come with matching and modern planters. So you don't have to worry about anything.

Our assortment includes many easy-care plants that will enhance your living environment enormously. Take your time and look around our plant assortment.

Water plants are an exciting living trend here that is guaranteed to get people talking. Thanks to rinsed and grafted roots, houseplants like the Clusia or the Flamingo Flower do not need any soil at all and are shipped in a beautiful glass vase. In partial shade and with plenty of water, aquatic plants do especially well.

With us you can buy online and at any time of day your aquatic plants. Please note that the aquatic plants get fresh water every two days, so that bacteria do not settle and the houseplant always looks nice and neat.

Ordering houseplants online is very fast and with our help also very uncomplicated. Whether to your home, to the office or to a good friend. There are many reasons for beautiful houseplants.

Our orchids

Did you know that the most popular houseplant in the world is the orchid? Our orchid already has magnificent flowers and with good care and a suitable location, it will bring you much joy and countless petals. Especially white and purple orchids are popular and always a classic gift for moving in or opening a business. If you can't congratulate in person, your intended recipient will certainly be pleased if you order an orchid and have it shipped through us.

If it may be something more, we have great gift ideas for shipping the houseplant. How about chocolate or a gift cup? The presentee will make eyes. We guarantee it.

Also, take advantage of our free greeting card or record a funny video message to personalize your surprise package.

Uploading a video greeting is easy: after placing your order, you will receive an email from us. Here you will find a request to upload a video to your gallery or record a new one. It does not have to sit at the first attempt. You can record your greeting again until you are satisfied.

The recipient will be sent a unique QR code with their new houseplant. When the code is scanned, your personal greeting message will appear.

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