Eucalyptus Flower Bouquets

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The healing properties of eucalyptus.

For example, the oil of these flowers has a fresh, mint-like aroma and is also contained in the chemical compound eucalyptol. This is the reason for the numerous therapeutic and medicinal effects of the eucalyptus flower.

Note, however, that eucalyptus oil should not be ingested. It can even be toxic if ingested. This is because eucalyptus has a high content of antioxidants, especially flavonoids.

These antioxidants are particularly effective in relieving cold symptoms. The main ingredient in many cold and cough medicines is eucalyptol.

The scent is also currently being studied for its pain-relieving effects. This could be related to the sense of smell, which associates the scent of eucalyptus with feelings of relaxation. Inhaling the oil for more than 30 minutes lowers blood pressure - the same effect can occur with a fresh bouquet of flowers on the bedside table.

People also chew on the extracts of eucalyptus trees to improve their dental hygiene. Chewing gum with eucalyptus leaf extract also reduces plaque formation, bleeding gums and gingivitis.

Eucalyptus has not only healing properties. Topical application of eucalyptus has served as a natural insect repellent for centuries. From mosquitoes to lice, smelling eucalyptus in the air keeps them away from you and your home.

The special effect of flowers in the house

Everyone deserves to feel so loved. A bouquet of flowers can evoke that very feeling. Flowers make a beautiful gift for others or for yourself.

The colorful bouquets can relieve stress and lift your mood. A group of participants were studied for 30 days and given a questionnaire at the beginning and end of the experiment. Those who were given flowers for their participation experienced a significant reduction in their stress levels.

Similar to the effect of potted plants, a bouquet of flowers connects people to nature. When we make this connection through flowers, our homes and minds become brighter.

Regardless of your role in a relationship, everyone deserves to receive flowers. Research has shown that the proximity of flowers enhances people's compassion - people are more willing to extend a helping hand when flowers are nearby.

People recovering from illness or surgery required less hospitalization when greenery was in sight. No wonder flowers are the first choice when we want to cheer up someone who is not feeling well. Of course, this is not the only reason to surprise someone with flowers, there are many other occasions.

Flowers also have a special effect on older people. They have the ability to evoke memories due to their scent, forming associations with events experienced. Tip: When you visit your grandma, bring a bouquet of flowers to remind her of beautiful moments!

A eucalyptus bouquet for your home

Eucalyptus bouquets from will not only look good in any home, but will also make the air cleaner than ever. The scent of flower will do you and your family good. Especially the mix of the healing properties of eucalyptus and the special effects of flowers, make your bouquet with eucalyptus a highlight.

Bonus points: Place a bouquet in your bathroom. When you shower, the steam will enhance the relaxing effects of the flowers. Eucalyptus can also help with dry skin - it promotes ceramide production, water retention and skin barrier protection. These healing properties make a bouquet of eucalyptus sprigs the perfect gift for a friend going through a tough time.

Tip: Place your bouquet in a location out of direct sunlight and away from sources of cooling or heating. This way you'll extend the life of your flowers. Give them fresh water every day and feel free to add our included flower food.

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