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Our flower delivery service makes sending flowers for Mother's Day easy. Because: She was always there for us and loves us with all her heart: Our mom! Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May.

Our time to say thank you and give a little something back. Time for a Mother's Day gift that says "I love you" - time to send flowers. Mother's Day flowers: (1) Personalized Mother's Day greetings through custom greeting card. (2) Colorful decoration for summer. (3) And all moms are happy about flowers!

We continue the trend of sending flowers for Mother's Day and offer you a selection of the most beautiful bouquets that will make your mom's heart beat faster. But of course, every grandmother and mother-in-law is also happy about a delivery of great Mother's Day gifts!

Flower delivery on Mother's Day

In the merry month of May there are beautifully colorful flowers to order from us. We send a lot of spring flowers and the first sunflowers to the warm temperatures. Happy Mother's Day greetings wish with gerbera, roses or carnations. Our florists tie all bouquets as shown and send the flower greetings carefully packed for the holiday to your desired address.

Sending flowers is easy with us. Choose your Mother's Day bouquet and add it to your shopping cart. Once you have completed the order, we will take care of everything else. We send the invoice automatically by mail after the purchase and just before the flower delivery is sent, our florists tie the bouquets freshly by hand. The flower shipment for Mother's Day is handled by our shipping partner DHL.

In the second week of May we send so flowers to the Monday to Saturday. So the last possible delivery day is Saturday, one day before the holiday on Sunday - our mom's day. The last opportunity to order flowers for Mother's Day is on Friday, May 12. All orders received by 3 pm will be delivered on time according to DHL shipping towards Saturday.

Mother's Day gift - bouquet of flowers with personal greeting as a gift idea

Greetings for Mother's Day by flowers. A very special gift. It is especially nice when the whole family comes together on Mother's Day and you can personally hand over the colorful floristry. However, who can not make it to the family celebration, order a beautiful bouquet of roses, gerberas or carnations and surprise his mother, grandma, aunt or stepmother with a flower greeting.

This special holiday is a nice occasion to give joy and a smile to his mother. Show your mom that you are thinking of her! Flowers speak the language of love, but how about sending your mom a delicious box of chocolates or a beautiful gift mug with fresh Mother's Day flowers? Additionally, make your mom happy by personalizing your Mother's Day greeting with the help of a small gift.

Our online store allows you to order an individual greeting card, a personalized video message or a vase. In addition, we also like to deliver a delicacy - such as chocolates. Ordering flowers online is especially practical and convenient for Mother's Day. Choose the most beautiful Mother's Day gift from our assortment and we will send it to you or your mother in time for the second weekend in May. Ordering and sending flowers online is easy because we take care of everything.

From tying the bouquet to packing and shipping. Your flowers for Mother's Day will then make their way through the mail and are guaranteed to make your eyes sparkle. That's how easy it is to give flowers on Mother's Day.

What do you give a loved one to say thank you, show your appreciation or just to give our mothers a treat? Quite clearly: flowers.'s beautiful Mother's Day flowers are the ideal gift. We ship all Mother's Day gifts on the desired delivery day (Mon-Sat).

Mother's Day greetings delivered via plants

Your mom loves houseplants and has a real green thumb? Great! Because houseplants feel especially at home with our mothers. Theoretically, all plants fit as a small gift on Mother's Day. You can find our plant assortment here: Online plant delivery.

The origin of our Mother's Day gifts

Mother's Day is celebrated every second Sunday in May and has been since the beginning of the last century. In its current form, Mother's Day grew out of a U.S. women's movement.

In Europe, too, mothers and women networked to demand more women's rights and better educational opportunities. With success: the motivated women's associations gave rise to the Mother's Day we know today in Germany. Today, we buy our wives and moms small gifts and send flowers.

Mother's Day flowers - show appreciation

Saying thank you is best done on Mother's Day with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Give moms a gift with Not only on Mother's Day, but every day, but Mother's Day is a nice opportunity to say thank you to his mom once more. About flowers every mom is happy.

Peonies, tulips, gerberas, roses or ranunculus, just to name a few examples, are the ideal gift for moms. But for the ideal Mother's Day surprise, you need to send the right mix of flowers. And that's where we help you. That's why the flower store florists have put together this assortment "Mother's Day Flowers" with the most beautiful and colorful flowers for Mothers Day here for you.

You can send cheerfully colorful bouquets or order several classically tied bouquets. Just choose the bouquet that you like the most. The flowers are guaranteed to make a great Mother's Day gift. Mother's Day greetings are freshly tied on the second weekend in May on the day they are sent. This makes giving flowers fun.

Mother's Day with flowers

There are many occasions when you can let flowers do the talking for you. Mother's Day is just one of them. With us you will find the best flowers at the best price - and also on all other days. In our online store for flowers you can browse 365 days a year and then send a bouquet.

We deliver hand-tied bouquets Tuesdays through Saturdays and surprise all the intended recipients with a great package of flowers or gift items. With our free greeting card, you can include a lovely message to your mom and tell her once again how much you love her.

Our shipping partner DHL will take care of the delivery of your flower surprise on Mother's Day - and of course on all other days as well. We deliver all over Germany: from Hamburg to Munich or from Cologne to Berlin. If you order by 2 p.m. today, you can look forward to a fresh bouquet of flowers tomorrow if you wish.

Order flowers online and give away - Mother's Day with blumenshop. com

Colorful, fresh and uncomplicated - that's us: Your flower shop. With our bouquets we want to give joy and that for every occasion. Our seasonal cut flowers come directly from the grower and are bound with love and care by our floristry professionals. Gerberas, hyacinths, daffodils and roses are, along with calendulas, particularly easy to care for and will last a very long time if you provide the flowers with fresh water every two days. Once cut at an angle and added cut flower fertilizer, you will enjoy the flowers for a long time.

We send care instructions with each bouquet. If you follow our tips, nothing can go wrong. For this very reason, you will receive all bouquets with a 7-day freshness promise. Through a seamless supply chain, we send vase-ready cut flowers and thank you bouquets as a Mother's Day gift evergreen in good quality.

Floristry from blumenshop. com delivers extra joy to the family celebration. Our tip: Bouquet Pink + free glass vase. Otherwise you can order flowers for Mother's Day from 19.95€ at our flower shop.

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