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He belongs to Christmas like the Christ Child and Santa Claus. We are talking about the. Some may also know it as the Christmas star, Advent star or named poinsettia. As a botanical name, this plant is also known as Euphorbia.

Every year we look forward to decorating our homes with the red, white or pink splendor of the poinsettia to ring in the pre-Christmas season. But even apart from the Christmas season, the poinsettia is one of the most popular plants in German households and experiences a sales boom every year. Order your poinsettia online today!

Poinsettia origin

Actually originating from Mexico, the Advent Star belongs to the tropical plants. There, the Euphorbia pulcherrima grows happily in the landscape in front of itself and can grow up to five meters high. Which could possibly irritate one or the other, because we know the Advent Star rather as a smaller plant.

Joel Roberts Poinsett was the person who introduced the poinsettia to the United States in the 1900 century, where it then became known as the Christmas plant. This is because with its green leaves and red bracts, it combines the two most popular Christmas colors. Because of this transfer, the poinsettia later received the name Poinsettia.

Even though it is only available seasonally, it is one of the most popular houseplants in Germany. Buy a poinsettia now!

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Poinsettia care

As with other houseplants, poinsettia care is important to keep your new favorite alive for as long as possible. But with our tips, you should be able to do this as easily as possible:

The right location

The location of your poinsettia is very important. Here you should note that your poinsettia likes it bright, but direct sunlight. Furthermore, the temperature is also very important.

Christmas stars are a bit more spoiled here as well, since they come from a country with high temperatures. Therefore, low temperatures poinsettias do not like so much.

So your new plant friend prefers to bloom at a room temperature of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. The poinsettia is also rather fussy about drafts, which it does not like at all. As you may already realize, the right location is crucial in the care of your green buddy.

The right watering behavior

Should you now ask yourself, how to water your poinsettia, ee have the answer for you here.

Avoid waterlogging. It is better to water your poinsettia less than too much. However, the soil of your plant should never dry out completely.

However, the euphorbia likes baths best. Dip your Advent Star in water every seven to ten days. This will suffice as a water supply until the next dip is due.

The right fertilizing

Fertilize poinsettia? Yes or no. If yes, how often? We have a clear answer for you on these questions as well.

During the winter months it is enough to fertilize your poinsettia every two weeks. From spring to fall, however, it will be happy to receive a weekly booster of minerals.

If you follow our tips on how to care for your Euphorbia, your poinsettia will even be happy to make you happy all year round, so you could even invite it onto the balcony with you in the summer.

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