Advent wreaths & flowers in Advent

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The festive Advent season

The time has come: the coziest time of the year begins. Everywhere you look is decorated with lights, candles, Advent wreaths and colorful baubles. It is Advent.

December is the time of expectation for Christians. We celebrate the arrival of Christ, that is, his birth on Christmas night.

Advent thus sweetens our four-week wait for Christmas. Decorate appropriately, such as with a bouquet of Advent flowers or Advent wreath, on which you can light one more candle every Sunday.

Decorating for Advent

The most popular decoration in Advent is a tied Advent wreath. Winter Advent wreaths can look completely different. However, the main component is four candles that burn every Sunday before Christmas Eve. Thus, the fourth Advent is always the last Sunday before Christmas.

Often the Advent season starts already at the end of November. In Germany and in some other countries, the Advent wreath is a firm part of the Christmas season and makes it clear to children how long we still have to wait for Christmas, while the wreath contributes to the coziness of adults.

What was the Advent wreath originally decorated with?

Originally, the Advent wreath consisted of a wagon wheel, which was decorated with four white and 20 red candles. Fresh fir greenery was also used to decorate the wheel at that time.

Nowadays, an Advent wreath still often consists of fresh fir, which is tied as a wreath. This is decorated with candles, pine cones, bows or baubles. A new trend are Advent wreaths consisting of dried flowers. These are especially popular with people who like it more modern.

Order Advent wreath online and have it delivered

With us you will find different Advent wreaths, which are ideal to send and thus also become a creative gift. Real fir greenery smells wintry and makes you want Christmas. With our free greeting card or video message you can refine your online order and make a special person a great joy.

Order poinsettia

In addition to Advent wreaths, poinsettias (also called Advent stars) are a firm part of the Christmas season. With us you can order and send red poinsettias. For each Advent star we send a free planter. Poinsettias are very robust and easy to care for and decorate offices, living rooms and are an ideal birthday gift for winter children.

Advent bouquets - order flowers in Advent.

Flowers are also part of the Advent season. Red berries, white and red flowers, a bit of natural decoration such as pine cones or bright Christmas baubles and you have a splendid specimen of our Advent flower bouquets tied.

Our Advent bouquets are the ideal table decoration for Christmas. In addition, they are a nice surprise as a Secret Santa gift or even as a souvenir. If you can't visit your loved ones during Advent, we recommend sending a surprise package with flowers and chocolates.

Sending gifts during Advent

We have collected for you some good occasions to send flowers, Advent wreaths, mini firs and poinsettias:

  • 4th Friday in November: Black Friday - On this day you can also save with us. We will keep you up to date with our newsletter.
  • December 06: St. Nicholas - Not only children are happy about a St. Nicholas present, or what do you think?
  • December 12: Poinsettia Day - On this day, the cult plant is honored.
  • December 16: Day of Reconciliation - A nice occasion to forgive or accept an apology.
  • December 19: Look for a Christmas Tree Day - Now it's time for a Christmas tree. If you're short on space, choose our mini fir.
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