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Amaryllis at Christmas

Due to its flowering at Christmas, the amaryllis counts for many to the Christmas decoration. How fitting, then, that the delphinium particularly likes to bloom in the Christmas colors of red and white, making it a beautiful addition.

Especially in beautiful bouquets processed, the amaryllis will provide for shining eyes at your table decoration. Especially due to its imposing stem length, the amaryllis will be the eye-catcher of your decoration.

With us you can find the Amaryllis also in the most different bouquets. Whether in the classic Biedermeier bouquet, as a field flower bouquet with or without eucalyptus. Long bound in combination with lilies or flamingo flowers.

So why not surprise your loved ones with an amaryllis Christmas bouquet and give them joy in the time of love and security.

Meaning Amaryllis

Originating from South America, the Caribbean and South Africa, the amaryllis is actually an exotic flower, but it has become very popular here. It delights us every time again with its splendor.

So it's no wonder that the amaryllis stands for joie de vivre, friendship and affection. The perfect pre-Christmas gift, then, to express your affection to your loved ones and remind them how dear you are to them.

Buy Amaryllis bulb

Want to plant your amaryllis? Then we have the perfect kit with DIY instructions for you! Because in addition to beautiful amaryllis bouquets, we also offer you amaryllis bulbs.

A special decoration in the pre-Christmas season

But what does your DIY bulb kit include? We provide you with a pre-pulled amaryllis bulb, as well as a fashionable pot in white with a golden edge and suitable soil, so that you can grow your own flowering amaryllis.

In our growing sets you can choose between three different varieties. For every occasion we have the right one for you!

For Christmas we recommend our red amaryllis called "Red Lion". In a deep red tone, it perfectly reflects the Christmas season and is therefore the perfect decoration on your gift table!

Want to give your mom or grandma a nice surprise? Then give our pink Amaryllis "Apple Blossom" as a gift. With white stripes and a great shade of pink, it reflects tenderness and in combination with our fashionable pot, it will become a wonderful eye-catcher.

Our Amaryllis Rilona convinces with a bright salmon tone and can be given as a gift to good friends or neighbors. Of course, you can also pot and grow them yourself to sweeten the time until Christmas.

Amaryllis care

Growing and caring for your amaryllis is quite simple. When planting, make sure that you can still see the bulb a little bit and then you are ready to go.

But what about watering my amaryllis? We can answer this question for you, of course. Make sure that you water your amaryllis only moderately and only then increase the amount of water as soon as a stem is visible.

Amaryllis do not like it cold. Therefore, keep the temperature between 15 and 21 degrees.

Order amaryllis online

Are you looking for a special bouquet of flowers? One that you don't see every day? Then try a bouquet that includes an amaryllis!

Not only is it beautiful, but it's only available seasonally, which makes it a special gift. And the best part? With us, you can easily buy amaryllis online.

Flowering time of the Amaryllis
Amaryllis is not a plant that is available all year round, which makes it special. The flower of the amaryllis blooms beautifully to match the Advent or winter season. Also called a delphinium, it is one of the few flowers that ignite their full bloom in winter, helping us through the dreary days.

Self-grown amaryllas, as in our growing kit, can surprise you with a flowering time of 60 to 10 weeks. This blooming can usually take place between December to May, depending on when you planted your flower.

The top 3 of our amaryllis bouquets

1. Winter amaryllis

You like a simple elegance? You'll find it in this amaryllis bouquet! As a beautiful arrangement consisting of two amaryllis combined with red berries, our Winter Amaryllis bouquet will spice up your table decor.

But not only this, also as a gift to your loved ones this bouquet is perfect. It not only expresses affection, but also does not push itself as so much in the foreground. He captivates with minimalism, which fits perfectly with the interior trend "Scandi Style".

2. Amaryllis bouquet white

You would like to buy white amaryllis? Then try our bouquet Amaryllis Bouquet White. It not only exudes an elegance, but also can reflect the color of snow in winter.

Especially for minimalists who like it simple, the bouquet is perfect because it can shine with a white amaryllis, roses, lisianthus and santini to fit into any decoration.

3. Christmas bouquet Jingle Bells

Do you prefer classic bouquets? No problem either! Our Christmas bouquet Jingle Bells is tied as a classic Biedermeier bouquet and convinces with classic Christmas colors. Whether red amaryllis, red gerbera, pink carnations or pink roses, this bouquet has it all.

But not only that, to get you in the Christmas spirit our Jingle Bells also shines with decorative Christmas balls. Order your amaryllis bouquet now.

We're sure this bouquet will bring a Christmas flair to anyone's four walls.

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