Popular flowers and plants

Set Descending Direction
  1. 40 Weiße Rosen (40cm)
    40 White Roses (40cm)
    Special Price €19.95 Regular Price €42.95
    Available until 12-12-2023
  2. Blumenstrauß Kunterbunt
    Flower Bouquet Kunterbunt
  3. Rosenstrauß Sophia
    Rose Bouquet Sophia
    Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €44.95
  4. Blumenstrauß Maiblumen
    Flower Bouquet Maiblumen
  5. Blumenstrauß Farbenfroh
    Flower Bouquet Farbenfroh
  6. Blumenstrauß Leuchtfeuer
    Flower Bouquet Leuchtfeuer
  7. Blumenstrauß Louise
    Flower Bouquet Louise
  8. Blumenstrauß Amelie
    Flower Bouquet Amelie
  9. Christmas Bouquet Rote Weihnacht + Christmas Card
    Christmas Bouquet Rote Weihnacht + Christmas Card
    Available until 23-12-2023
  10. Christmas Bouquet Weiße Weihnacht
    Christmas Bouquet Weiße Weihnacht
    Available until 23-12-2023
  11. Bouquet Christmas Greeting + Free Glass Vase
    Bouquet Christmas Greeting + Free Glass Vase
    Available until 23-12-2023
  12. Red Poinsettia + Free Pot + Christmas Card
    Red Poinsettia + Free Pot + Christmas Card
    Available until 22-12-2023
  13. Blumenstrauß Glückskind
    Flower Bouquet Glückskind
    Special Price €22.95 Regular Price €24.95
  14. Blumenstrauß Blütenperle
    Flower Bouquet Blütenperle
  15. Blumenstrauß Marie
    Flower Bouquet Marie
  16. Blumenstrauß Flora
    Flower Bouquet Flora
    As low as €22.95
  17. Flower Bouquet Celia
    Flower Bouquet Celia
  18. Blumenstrauß Bunter Blumentraum
    Flower Bouquet Bunter Blumentraum
    As low as €24.95
  19. Flower Bouquet Blumenzauber
    Flower Bouquet Blumenzauber
  20. Blumenstrauß Hanna
    Flower Bouquet Hanna
  21. Colorful Birthday Bouquet with Card "Herzlichen Glückwunsch"
    Colorful Birthday Bouquet with Card "Herzlichen Glückwunsch"
  22. Blumenstrauß Renaissance inkl. Merci Schokolade
    Flower Bouquet Renaissance + Merci Finest Selection
  23. Flower Bouquet Glückskind + Chocolate Box "Joghurtschatz"
    Flower Bouquet Glückskind + Chocolate Box "Joghurtschatz"
  24. Flower Bouquet Kunterbunt + Chocolate Box Lass dich feiern
    Flower Bouquet Kunterbunt + Chocolate Box Lass dich feiern
  25. Flower Bouquet Ida + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Ida + Free Glass Vase
  26. Blumenstrauß Pink
    Flower Bouquet Pink + Free Glass Vase
  27. Blumenstrauß kleines Glück
    Flower Bouquet Kleines Glück + Free Glass Vase
  28. Flower Bouquet Bella + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Bella + Free Glass Vase
  29. Christmas Wreath Fröhliche Weihnacht (35cm)
    Christmas Wreath Fröhliche Weihnacht (35cm)
    Available until 22-12-2023
  30. Christmas Wreath Winter Wonderland (35cm)
    Christmas Wreath Winter Wonderland (35cm)
    Available until 22-12-2023
  31. Christmas Wreath Feliz Navidad
    Christmas Wreath Feliz Navidad
    Available until 22-12-2023
  32. Door Wreath Magische Weihnacht
    Door Wreath Magische Weihnacht
    Available until 22-12-2023
  33. Rote Rosen - Anzahl ab 10 wählbar (Premium, 60cm)
    Red Roses - Select quantity from 10 on (Premium, 60cm)
  34. Rosen auswählbar
    20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100 Red Premium Roses Red Naomi (60cm)
    As low as €47.95
  35. Rote Rosen mit Schleierkraut - Premium-Rosen (60cm)
    Red Roses with Gypsophila - Premium Roses (60cm)
  36. 100 red Roses Red Naomi
    100 Roses - Premium Roses Red Naomi (60cm)
  37. Sommerstrauß Sonnentanz
    Summer Bouquet Sonnentanz
  38. Flower Bouquet Carlotta
    Flower Bouquet Carlotta
  39. Blumenstrauß Bunte Gerbera
    Flower Bouquet Colorful Gerbera
  40. Blumenstrauß Renaissance
    Flower Bouquet Renaissance
  41. Blumenstrauß Rosenzeit + Herzmanschette
    Flower Bouquet Rosenzeit + Heart Cuff
  42. 20 rote Rose (40 cm)
    20 Red Roses (40cm)
  43. 40 rote Rosen (40 cm)
    40 Red Roses (40cm)
  44. 100 rote Rosen Upperclass
    100 Roses - Upperclass (50cm)
  45. Wildflower Bouquet Sommernachtstraum
    Wildflower Bouquet Sommernachtstraum
    As low as €24.95
  46. Feldblumenstrauß Farbenmeer
    Wildflower Bouquet Farbenmeer
    As low as €26.95
  47. Meadow Flower Bouquet Clara XXL
    Meadow Flower Bouquet Clara XXL
  48. Großer Blumenstrauß Wahre Liebe XXL
    Big Flower Bouquet Wahre Liebe XXL
  49. Blumenstrauß Constanze
    Flower Bouquet Constanze
    As low as €22.95
  50. Weiße Premium-Rosen (60 cm)
    20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100 White Premium Roses Avalanche (60cm)
    As low as €47.95
  51. 100 Weiße Rosen - Premium-Rosen Avalanche (60cm)
    100 White Roses - Premium Roses Avalanche (60cm)
  52. Blumenstrauß Marit
    Flower Bouquet Marit
  53. Ananas-Pflanze
    Pineapple Plant + Free Pot | +/- 30-40 cm | ø 15 cm | Corona
    Special Price €18.95 Regular Price €23.95
  54. Two Money Tree + Free Pots | +/- 60-70 cm | ø 17 cm | Pachira
    Two Money Tree + Free Pots | +/- 60-70 cm | ø 17 cm | Pachira
    Special Price €37.95 Regular Price €55.90
  55. Flamingoblume Rot (Anthurie, 50cm) + gratis Topf
    Flamingo Flower Red + Free Pot | +/- 50 cm | ø 14 cm | Anthurium
  56. Air-purifying Duo | Monstera and Money Tree + Free Pots | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm
    Air-purifying Duo | Monstera and Money Tree + Free Pots | +/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm
    Special Price €32.95 Regular Price €47.90
  57. Glückskastanie (Pachira, 60cm) + gratis Topf
    Money Tree + Free Pot |+/- 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Pachira
  58. Orchideenbogen Rosa (Phalaenopsis mit Bogen, 45 cm) + gratis Topf
    Orchid Arch Pink + Free Pot |+/- 45 cm | ø 12 cm | Phalaenopsis
  59. Monstera (50 cm)
    Monstera + Free Pot | +/- 50 cm | ø 14 cm | Window Leaf
  60. Lila Orchidee im Bogen (Phalaenopsis cascade, 50 cm) + gratis Topf
    Purple Orchid in Bow + Free Pot | +/- 50 cm | ø 12 cm | Phalaenopsis Cascade
  61. Pflanzen-Set luftreinigende Pflanzenfreunde (Einblatt, Areca-Palme, Goldtüpfelfarn)
    Air-purifying Plant Friends + Free Planter | 45 - 60 cm | ø 17 cm | Monocot, Areca Palm, Golden Stipple Fern
    Special Price €59.95 Regular Price €68.85
  62. Orchideenbogen weiß
    Orchid Arch White + Free Pot | +/- 45 cm | ø 12 cm | Phaelonopsis
  63. Gemusterte Orchidee im Bogen (Phalaenopsis cascade, 50 cm) + gratis Topf
    Patterned Orchid in Arch + Free Pot | +/- 50 cm | ø 12 cm | Phalaenopsis Cascade
  64. Yucca-Palme (Palmlilie, 2-stämmig, 90 cm)
    Yucca Palm (2 stems) | +/- 80 cm | ø 17 cm | Palm Lily
Beliebte Blumen und Pflanzen Beliebte Blumen und Pflanzen

Order popular flowers

Cut flowers and houseplants are an essential part of our daily lives, enriching our homes and surroundings with color, fragrance and life.

For this reason, they make a wonderful gift to your loved ones. Flowers are also always appreciated as a decorative element.

Buy popular plants

Not only cut flowers are particularly popular among us Germans, but also houseplants are gaining more and more importance. We therefore name the most popular houseplants that find their place in apartments and houses.

This much is said: You do not need a green thumb, because the most popular plants are also the easiest to care for houseplants.

Send popular flowers and plants

If you don't know what kind of flowers or plants you would like to give as a gift, we will be happy to help you with words and deeds. Because we believe that among the most popular flowers in Germany is certainly something for your loved ones. Whether as a gift for a birthday, at a particular time of year or as a gift to your sweetheart, we will give you tips on which flowers are particularly popular and when.

Popular flowers as a birthday gift

Always a popular gift: flowers for a birthday. But it is not always easy to give the right bouquet when you have a wide choice of different colors and flowers. This much is said, a colorful bouquet of flowers is always a good idea. 

We'll tell you which popular cut flower species are especially in demand for birthdays:

Snapdragons Inca lilies
Lisianthus Roses
Gerbera Lilies
Carnations Chrysanthemums


These flowers will do especially well in your birthday bouquet. Not only because they look good, but also because they have wonderful meanings. For example, lisianthus stand for appreciation, gerberas for friendship, or calendulas for connection. Roses on the other hand, are the perfect birthday gift to your sweetheart because they are a romantic gesture, just like carnations that also express passion.

Popular flowers for women

You would like to surprise your wife with flowers? But you are not sure with which flowers you can best surprise your sweetheart? Then we will tell you which flowers are especially popular among women.

Let's say that roses are always a good idea. So are red bouquets, as they signal love and affection. Another sign of love and romance are peonies. These will win the heart of your loved one with their plump blossoms. However, these are only available for a short time from May to the end of June.

Another flower that has a very deep meaning and is available all year round is the lily. It stands for true love and is therefore very popular with women. Pink flowers are another sign of affection and tenderness.

Popular flowers for men

We would like to dispel the prejudice that only women are happy about flowers, in the world of men flowers are also given as a gift. But, which flowers are popular with men? Especially popular here are gerberas. These express a certain strength and steadfastness. In addition, they are very easy to care for. Especially yellow flowers are suitable for the master of the house, as they represent energy, strength and optimism.

Popular plants

Not only cut flowers are particularly popular with us Germans. Houseplants are also becoming more and more important. We therefore name the most popular plants that find their place in apartments and houses.

The undisputed number 1 is the window leaf, better known as Monstera. This plant should not be missing in any Urban Jungle. Shortly followed by orchids, which will enchant your urban jungle with their colorful flowers.

Also basket marants, lucky chestnuts or lucky feathers are welcome guests in German living rooms. But that's not enough exotics, because the flamingo flower can't be missing. You can find even more extensions for your green jungle in our Urban Jungle category.


Popular flowers per season

Sometimes our favorite flowers are seasonal and not available all year round. As sad as it is, however, we are then glad when their season has begun. Therefore, we would like to present you popular flowers by season, which can be especially good gifts in their time or become the highlight of your table decoration.

Popular flowers in spring

In spring, the early bloomers welcome us and with them the world of flowers gets a fresh and colorful wind. Especially popular flowers for this time of year are therefore:

You can find even more early bloomers in our spring bouquets.

Popular flowers in summer

After the spring flowers have slowly ended their season, the summer flowers are waiting for their grand entrance. With their many bright colors, they bring us the good summer mood in the home or provide bright eyes for gift recipients. Here are especially popular:

You haven't found the right flower for you yet? Then take a look at our summer flowers.

Popular flowers in autumn

Now the golden season begins, when the earth is colored in wonderful yellow, red and orange tones. With this change, the next flowers are already ready to convince you of their beauty. In autumn you can enjoy these flowers:

You can find even more beautiful golden-orange bouquets in our fall flowers.

Popular flowers in winter

Even if winter seems rather cold and dreary, it still enchants with wonderful flowers that make especially good small Christmas gifts. Popular flowers here are:

It was not yet the right one for you? Otherwise, you can find what you are looking for in our winter flowers.

When is the best time to give flowers?

Of course you can give away your favorite flowers just like that or buy them for yourself, but there are also special occasions when flowers are especially popular. For example, flowers can be given especially well for birthdays, as a gift for an anniversary, to say thank you or for a wedding.

There are also certain days when flowers are a suitable choice. For example, many people like to give bouquets of flowers for Valentine's Day. Women's Day or Mother's Day are also very high on the list when it comes to reasons to give flowers.

Of course, you can also surprise your dad on Father's Day with a bouquet of flowers. Or your grandma on Grandma's Day.

Some people also surprise their best friend on Friendship Day.

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