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How do you put your red tulips in the best scene?

You have decided on a red tulip bouquet as table decoration? Great! But how do you put it in the best light? Very simple - first you should decide whether you want to use a glass vase or a porcelain vase.

A little tip: How about red tulips in a white vase? This contrast will make your tulip bouquet a real eye-catcher.

Whichever vase you choose, make sure you don't put too much water in it, as your tulips will grow with the addition of water and will only need a minimum amount of water. 

Another tip is to make sure the vase is at least two-thirds as tall as your tulips, so it can hold your flowers while they blossom cheerfully for you.

Red tulips as Christmas decoration

Classic Christmas flowers, like amaryllis or poinsettias aren't your thing? Then embellish your Christmas decorations with red tulips! Put your red early bloomers in the scene by placing them as a bouquet on the gift table or arrange them with Christmas balls in the vase. 

A small decoration tip: Place a smaller vase with a little water for the tulips in a larger vase. The space between the two vases you can now decorate Christmas. For example, use a small string of lights that you place between the vases to create beautiful and cozy lighting effects. Just make sure that the light chain does not come into direct contact with water. 

Furthermore, you can fill the space in between with other little things like small balls, moss, fir branches or berries. Ready is your Christmas decoration with tulips in red.

Are red tulips pet-friendly?

Unfortunately, our red beauties are not suitable for consumption by your furry friends. This means that tulips are poisonous and your pets better not eat your tulips as a snack. So, if you do buy tulips, make sure to place them out of reach of your pet dog or guard dog to avoid any side effects.

Buy red tulips or give them as a gift

Every year we eagerly await the tulip season and look forward to when it is just around the corner. And what better gift to give than a bunch of red tulips? That's exactly why we have a selection of the most wonderful tulips in red for you.

What do red tulips mean?

Learn more about red tulips and their meaning, because this one is very special. You don't always want to give red roses as a token of love? Then we have a good alternative for you. 

With red tulips you signal love and devotion to your loved one. Therefore, our tulips are perfect as a gift for Valentine's Day or anniversary with your partner.

Our top 3 red tulip bouquets

With our range of tulips in red, there is something for everyone. However, we'd like to share with you our top 3 red tulips:

10 red tulips

You are looking for a little surprise? Then our bouquet of 10 red tulips is perfect for the occasion. As a small token of love or spring surprise, you can surprise your loved one with this bouquet of tulips to make their eyes sparkle.

30 red tulips

Want to express your love with a sea of tulips? Try it with our 30 red tulips. Due to its size, this tulip bouquet will leave a great impression on your loved ones and will cause tears of joy. Especially when in bloom, these tulips will be the highlight of any table decoration.

Bulb Bouquet Red - tulip bouquet with bulbs

Give a special token of your love with our Bulb Bouquet in Red. This unique tulip bouquet is sent with its bulbs to your loved ones, where it can show its full effect. After all, such a bouquet including bulbs makes quite an impact as a decorative element.

But not only this, because of the bulbs, this bouquet of tulips in red is more durable than some other flowers and thus ensures a long-lasting joy.

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