Spring Flowers

Order colorful bouquets of spring flowers

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  1. Weißer Tulpenstrauß
    White Tulip Bouquet
    Available from 13-12-2023
  2. 10 White Tulips
    10 White Tulips
    Available from 13-12-2023
  3. Flower Bouquet Agneta
    Flower Bouquet Agneta
    Available from 13-12-2023
  4. 10 Rote Tulpen
    10 Red Tulips
    Available from 13-12-2023
  5. 30 White Tulips
    30 White Tulips
    Available from 13-12-2023
  6. 20 Weiße Tulpen
    20 White Tulips
    Available from 13-12-2023
  7. 25 Rote Tulpen
    25 Red Tulips
    Available from 13-12-2023
  8. Flower Bouquet Buntes Fest
    Flower Bouquet Buntes Fest
  9. Flower Bouquet Zoe
    Flower Bouquet Zoe
  10. Flower Bouquet Bella + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Bella + Free Glass Vase
  11. Flower Bouquet Ida + Free Glass Vase
    Flower Bouquet Ida + Free Glass Vase
  12. Flower Bouquet Rosalie
    Flower Bouquet Rosalie
  13. Blumenstrauß Glückskind
    Flower Bouquet Glückskind
    Special Price €22.95 Regular Price €24.95
  14. Blumenstrauß Kunterbunt
    Flower Bouquet Kunterbunt
  15. Blumenstrauß Constanze
    Flower Bouquet Constanze
    As low as €22.95
  16. Blumenstrauß Renaissance
    Flower Bouquet Renaissance
  17. Blumenstrauß Maiblumen
    Flower Bouquet Maiblumen
  18. Blumenstrauß Bunte Gerbera
    Flower Bouquet Colorful Gerbera
  19. Flower Bouquet Carlotta
    Flower Bouquet Carlotta
  20. Blumenstrauß Glücksbringer
    Flower Bouquet Glücksbringer
  21. Freesia Bouquet Tessa
    Freesia Bouquet Tessa
  22. Freesienstrauß Lina
    Freesia Bouquet Lina
  23. Wildflower Bouquet Abendsonne
    Wildflower Bouquet Abendsonne
    As low as €25.95
  24. Feldblumenstrauß Sommerwiese
    Wildflower Bouquet Sommerwiese
    As low as €25.95
  25. Feldblumenstrauß Farbenmeer
    Wildflower Bouquet Farbenmeer
    As low as €26.95
  26. Wildflower Bouquet Sommernachtstraum
    Wildflower Bouquet Sommernachtstraum
    As low as €24.95
  27. 20 Weiße Rosen (40cm)
    20 White Roses (40cm)
  28. 20 rosa Rosen (40 cm)
    20 Pink Roses (40cm)
  29. 20 orange Rosen (40 cm)
    20 Orange Roses (40cm)
  30. 20 rote Rose (40 cm)
    20 Red Roses (40cm)
  31. Blumenstrauß Morgenröte
    Flower Bouquet Morgenröte
  32. Blumenstrauß Bunter Blumentraum
    Flower Bouquet Bunter Blumentraum
    As low as €24.95
  33. Sommerstrauß Sonnentanz
    Summer Bouquet Sonnentanz
  34. Blumenstrauß Leuchtfeuer
    Flower Bouquet Leuchtfeuer
  35. Blumenstrauß Marie
    Flower Bouquet Marie
  36. Wiesenstrauß Nelia XL
    Meadow Bouquet Nelia XL
  37. Romantischer Wildblumenstrauß
    Romantic Wildflower Bouquet
  38. Blumenstrauß Tausendfarben
    Flower Bouquet Tausendfarben
  39. Rosenstrauß Sophia
    Rose Bouquet Sophia
    Special Price €39.95 Regular Price €44.95
  40. Blumenstrauß kleine Aufmerksamkeit
    Flower Bouquet Kleine Aufmerksamkeit + Free Glass Vase
  41. Blumenstrauß Liebesgruß
    Flower Bouquet Liebesgruß + Free Glass Vase
  42. Blumenstrauß kleines Glück
    Flower Bouquet Kleines Glück + Free Glass Vase
  43. Blumenstrauß Flora
    Flower Bouquet Flora
    As low as €22.95
  44. Blumenstrauß Romy
    Flower Bouquet Romy
  45. Blumenstrauß Blütenperle
    Flower Bouquet Blütenperle
  46. Floristenstrauß des Tages
    Florist Bouquet of the Day
    As low as €19.95
  47. Colorful Birthday Bouquet with Card "Herzlichen Glückwunsch"
    Colorful Birthday Bouquet with Card "Herzlichen Glückwunsch"
  48. Blumenstrauß Renaissance inkl. Merci Schokolade
    Flower Bouquet Renaissance + Merci Finest Selection
  49. 15 Colorful Roses + Merci Finest Selection (50cm)
    15 Colorful Roses + Merci Finest Selection (50cm)
  50. Flower Bouquet Kunterbunt + Chocolate Box Lass dich feiern
    Flower Bouquet Kunterbunt + Chocolate Box Lass dich feiern
Bunter Frühlingsstrauß bestellen Bunter Frühlingsstrauß bestellen

Order colorful spring flowers

Spring flower bouquets are a great way to bring spring into your home. They spread color and bring joy. Spring flower bouquets are a great way to beautify your home and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Which spring flowers are there?

In spring you can enjoy tulips, hyacinths and ranunculus. These types of flowers are typical spring flowers and can be found in many of our bouquets. In addition, daffodils, crocuses or primroses will enchant you in spring.

Give a gift of spring bouquet

A bouquet of spring flowers represents the new beginning and joy of spring. It symbolizes hope and joy and makes the recipient smile.

Give a spring bouquet now and create a good mood!

Spring bouquet brings color into the house

A bouquet of spring flowers always brings a good mood. Because, you can order and send spring bouquets with our flower delivery in all colors. Whether a classically tied bouquet, wild and lush wildflowers bouquet or unusual bouquets. 

With our spring bouquets the warm season arrives. Fragrant flowers in bright colors are harmoniously tied and are suitable for any occasion.

Spring flowers for every occasion

A spring bouquet is suitable for many happy occasions, as it conveys joy and creates a good mood with fresh flowers and enchanting colors.

Spring flowers are just the right gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or as a get well wish. Say thank you again and make a loved one happy by sending him or her a great bouquet of spring flowers.

Send spring flowers all over Germany

We deliver to every corner of Germany, whether to Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne or Munich - no problem. With our wide range of fresh flowers and plants, there is a suitable gift for every flower lover. Freshly bound and shipped they give a lot of pleasure. Promised 

How to order your spring bouquet?

Ordering and gifting online can be so easy: Flowers are a timeless gift that simply brings joy to everyone. Let's face it, with a beautiful bouquet you'll hit the mark for any occasion. Order online today and have them delivered tomorrow. This is the uncomplicated way to order flowers:

  • Choose the most beautiful bouquet for you
  • If you like, write a lovely message in our free greeting card or record a video message and select it in the shopping cart
  • In the checkout area you can select the desired delivery date, the delivery address and the payment method and place your order
  • Sit back and relax and let us take care of the rest

Your spring flowers will be delivered fresh and fragrant by our florists on the day of delivery. If you order today until 3 p.m., you can already look forward to your delivery of spring flowers the following day.

The most popular flowers in spring

The top flower in spring is clearly the tulip. Our colorful tulip bouquets are fresh from Holland. With their bright colors, they will make your eyes sparkle. 

The hyacinth enchants with its heavenly smell. Blooming in spring, it is a seasonal flower and only available for a short time.

The ranunculus, on the other hand, convinces with an extravagant and colorful flower dress. It comes as closed as possible, so you can have as much of it as possible.

What does spring mean to us? Fresh flowers! 

With spring, we leave the cold season behind and the outside world also awakens to new life. So it's no wonder that fresh cut flowers are also waiting for us in our flower vases. 

Spring flowers are among the most colorful varieties of flowers with bright blossoms. They impress with yellow, orange, purple, red, pink and white flowers. Colorful spring bouquets provide joy for the recipient as well as the giver. Be quick and give a gift of good cheer today! 

Send spring bouquet with gift

How about adding a gift to your spring flowers? Pimp your spring bouquet with a special little something. Order chocolate, a cute mug or a cute cuddly toy to go with your bouquet. 

Create a good mood with a colorful spring bouquet

Spring and a bouquet of flowers are two things that just go together. In the season when everything comes back to life, colorful flowers also sprout for you and say in a beautiful cut flower bouquet for good mood and joy.

You can give a bouquet of spring flowers on different occasions like birthdays, Mother's Day, or just as a surprise. Let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them and send a bouquet of colorful spring flowers today.

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