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Love your indoor urban jungle and now want to add some blooms to your balcony or garden? That sounds like a job for us! We are happy to help you with our bulb and planting sets, which are delivered ready to pot. You can easily order balcony flowers or garden beauties online.

When should you plant bulbs?

You would like to order balcony flowers? Or just flowers for outside in a pot? Then we have ready-made solutions for you! With us you will find a wide range of flowers for your balcony, which are delivered together with soil, bulbs and boxes. Our flower assortment covers not only flowers for the balcony, but also flowers for the outdoors in general.

It depends on the season for which your bulbs and tubers are intended. For example, the bulbs of your early-flowering bulbs should be planted in autumn, as they need a cold temperature period. With the cold, they can then surprise you with a wonderful display of flowers at the beginning of the year.

The bulbs and tubers of your summer flowers, on the other hand, are sensitive to the cold and should therefore only be planted in spring between April and May, when the Ice Saints have already occurred.

But what are the Ice Saints? This refers to the last frost that could deprive your flowers of their bloom. For this reason, you should only plant your summer flowers after the name day of St. Sophia of Rome (the 15th of May).

Bulbs for autumn bloomers can be planted in the summer between July and August so that you can enjoy beautiful flowers in the golden season. Some flowers, such as the dahlia or gladiolus, can be planted in the spring with the summer bloomers.

How do you plant flower bulbs correctly?

In order for your bulbs and tubers to give you pleasure with a wonderful display of flowers, it is important how you plant them. As a general rule, the planting depth depends on the size of your bulb. Your bulb should be planted about twice as deep as its actual size.

Of course, you don't have to measure this exactly, because if you plant your bulb too deep, your flowers will be able to place themselves using what are known as pull roots, in order to find the perfect spot in the soil. The same applies if you have planted the bulb too shallow.

Now that you know how deep your bulbs should be planted, we can explain how exactly to plant your flowers in the best possible way:

  • First dig a suitable hole
  • Fill in a drainage layer if you have a loamy, clayey, impermeable or heavy soil to prevent rotting.
  • Insert the bulb correctly - with the point facing upwards.
  • Close the hole and lightly press down the soil.
  • If the soil is dry, we recommend watering thoroughly.

Did you know that we also offer planting kits where we send you everything you need to plant your bulbs? From the right box or pot, to fertilised soil, the bulbs and instructions - everything is included to make planting as easy as possible.

Flower bulb varieties

Did you know that there are different types of bulbs? You can choose the type of bulb according to the four seasons.

On the one hand, there are the spring-flowering bulbs, which you plant in autumn so that they can enchant you with their flowers at the beginning of the year.

On the other hand, there are the summer bloomers, which can be planted after the last frost in spring so that you can enjoy colourful flowers in the warm summer months.

There are also autumn bloomers, which you can plant as early as summer so that you can enjoy flowers of the same colour in the golden season.

Last but not least, there are winter-flowering bulbs, which can be planted in autumn and will delight you with their sea of flowers even in the cold season.

No matter which bulbs you choose to plant, they all have a special added value for your garden. It is not only you who will enjoy the many flowers in your garden or on your balcony, but also bees and insects. For bees and bumblebees in particular, your garden or balcony flowers are of great importance, as they draw nectar and pollen from them to contribute to a thriving environment.

Where should you store flower bulbs?

The flowering period of your flower treasures is unfortunately over? Too bad! But please don't be too hasty. If you cut off the leaves of your flowers, you deprive the bulb of the chance to sprout again.

Instead, if you let the leaves dry out slowly, your bulb can gather strength to flower again next year. Stems, on the other hand, can be cut off, as they rob the bulb of strength.

But what to do when the leaves have dried out? The bulbs can now be dug up and prepared for storage. What should you pay attention to here?

  • Remove excess foliage from the bulbs
  • Clean them thoroughly
  • Dry them thoroughly before storing them

You can easily dry your bulbs. Put the cleaned bulbs in a net and hang it in a dry place for some time.

However, make sure that you only keep healthy bulbs, as damaged bulbs will not sprout again. Disease-ridden bulbs can then be sorted out and disposed of in the bin.

After drying, you can store your bulbs in a dry, cool and dark place. Put the bulbs in a paper bag, basket or cardboard box. It helps if you label the bags or boxes with your bulbs so that you know which flower they are.

Next year you can then easily put your bulbs back in the ground at the appropriate time and watch your flowers sprout.

Order flower bulbs

You can order different types of flower bulbs from us or give them as a gift and give yourself or your loved ones lasting pleasure. Whether you want them wrapped in a wine theme or as a complete planting set, we offer you a wide range of different bulb options. What are you waiting for? Order bulbs today or surprise your loved ones!

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