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Decorate with a bouquet of dried flowers

For a wedding, a birthday, a garden party, a store, a floristry trend, a decoration trend, in winter.

With our dried flowers you can decorate skillfully for any occasion. Whether for a wedding, birthday or garden party. Dried flowers are the floristry trend at any time of the year and especially for all festive occasions. Order your dried flower bouquet online and use it however you like.

You can divide the bouquets into several vases and just let them fall loosely in the vase. This way they look light and modern arranged. In the house, you can let your creativity run wild.

Here, dried flowers are decorated in vases, hung upside down on a beautiful ribbon or simply placed lying down. If you want to buy dried flowers online, you will find them a timeless decoration for your home.

Give dried flowers as a gift and spread joy

Dried flower bouquets are the ideal gift for decor lovers. They offer you a wide color spectrum from natural colors, pink or red-yellow. Dried flowers also make a great gift for a housewarming or business opening. Order your dried flower bouquet and have it delivered to the address of your choice on the delivery date of your choice.

Complete your surprise with our free greeting card or a personalized video message. You can also order chocolates, a gift cup or a matching vase to go with your gift. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to surprising good friends or family members with a dried flower decoration.

We have created the perfect dried flower bouquet for every interior lover. We have created vintage flowers in natural colors, palm leaves and pampas grass for minimalists. We tie the right bouquets in eye-catching pink, purple, yellow or red for flower lovers who like it colorful. So you can add colorful highlights of color in your decoration.

Did you know? All our dried flower bouquets are hand-tied by our experienced florists and then carefully packed for you. Shortly after, your decoration will be handed over to our shipping partner DHL.

Order dried flower bouquet - The floristry trend

With a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, you're way ahead of the game when it comes to decorating trends. After all, dried flowers are the floristry trend of the year. Many dried field flowers are experiencing their great revival. They want to convince you with their colors and beauty even when dried. Especially popular: pampas grass.

All dried flowers were gently dried and thus preserved for months before being tied into different bouquets. So buying dried flowers online is no problem at all. Look around in our store and choose your most beautiful dried flowers. Carefully packaged, you can enjoy the decorative trend of the season on your desired delivery date.

Buy dried flowers online

We still have important tips for you about cleaning and care of dried flower bouquets:

Avoid cleaning the natural decoration with water, the dried flowers are delicate and could break. Also, do not put them in water. It is enough to clean them lightly with a dry duster or frond regularly, so they will stay beautiful for a long time.

To make your decorations last even longer, you can spray your dried flowers with some hairspray. Please, not too close, but from a small distance (about 30 centimeters), so that fine hairs do not stick.

To keep your dried flower bouquet bursting with color, we recommend that you don't place your dried flowers in a direct sun spot. Otherwise, the colors may start to fade.

Learn more about caring for your dried flowers in our flower blog.

If you want to learn more about dried flowers, you can always contact our customer service team. We also provide information about this trend on our social media channels.

Those who are unsure how best to decorate pampas grass will find the solution in our harmoniously designed dried flower bouquets.

Order dried flowers today, set accents tomorrow

If you order your dried flower bouquet today, you can decorate with it tomorrow. With the DHL Express shipping method, delivery on the desired day is guaranteed. DHL Standard, on the other hand, requires 1-2 business days for delivery of your dried flower decoration.

The dried flowers, roses and pampas grass are a modern eye-catcher. Infect your friends with the enthusiasm for dried flower bouquets and show us on Instagram how you decorate the dried flowers. Just tag us @blumenshop.de and we'll repost your post.

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