Set of 6 plants beginner | 30-50 cm | ø 12 cm | mountain palm, gold stipple fern, philodendron, green lilies, ctenanthe

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A large set of small plants for starters

You are a plant beginner and would like to make your apartment or house green? Then this set is just right for you! With our 6 small exotic plants you set a great foundation for your Urban Jungle.

In this plant set you'll find taller plants like a mountain palm or a gold stipple fern, or smaller plants like various green lilies, a philodendron or a ctenanthe.

The set is perfect if you don't have much space to place your plants, because with a diameter of about 12 cm they don't take up much room. We are sure that on your shelf, on your windowsill or in a showcase, you will find the right place for your new green companions.

This set is also very suitable as a gift for moving in, because you can give away a large selection of green decoration with just one mouse click. So the recipient can set colorful accents with our plants directly in the new home.

Our 6 plant beginner set offers a wide selection of colorful plants that the plant world has to offer. So this is the perfect set for plant beginners. Our plant set doesn't need as much care to delight you with colorful leaves.

The mountain palm, or Chamaedorea elegans, likes it in light to partial shade and should be watered regularly. 

The golden stipple fern (Phlebodium Blue Star) impresses with mint green leaves and likes it bright. The soil of your fern should always be moist, but please avoid waterlogging. 

Your green lilies Bonnie and Fire Flash like a bright location. They also have a regular water requirement, but will survive small dry spells with no problem. 

Even though the Ctenanthe looks like a Calathea, it is not. It is a little easier to care for than its relatives. It likes bright light and moist soil. A little fun fact: Just like basket marants, the Ctenanthe burle marxii folds its leaves in the evening hours and opens them again in the morning.

The Philodendron Green also lines up as low maintenance. The tree friend also requires a bright location and a regular watering. 

Your plants will be happy to receive a mineral boost in the form of fertilizer every 2 weeks.


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More Information
Total height ca. 30 - 50 cm
Pot size 12 cm
Placement Bright
Water demand Moderate
Fertilizing Bi-weekly
Scent Neutral
Scope of delivery Planter not included

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